How to Insert a Watermark in Word 2013

Document watermarks provide a simple way to visually identify a document without reading it.

This is beneficial if your workspace contains a lot of different documents and you are looking for a specific one. It can also help to identify documents that are not final copies, or that should not be used outside of your company or institution.

Word 2013 has a feature that makes it simple to add watermarks to a document, and even includes a number of popular default choices.

But you can customize your document watermark and make it say anything that you want. So check out our tutorial below to learn how to add a watermark to your Word document.

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Making a Watermark in Word 2013

The steps below will teach you how to create a text watermark on a document using the Microsoft Word 2013 application.

We will be creating a┬ácustom watermark that says “For Internal Use Only” and is light gray in color.

There are some default options available that can be entered more quickly, however, and you can check the sample watermarks to see if one of those options is more suitable for your needs. You can also insert a picture as a watermark by following the steps in this article.

Step 1: Open your document in Microsoft Word 2013.

Step 2: Click the Design tab at the top of the window.

click the Design tab

Step 3: Click the Watermark button in the Page Background section of the ribbon, then click the Custom Watermark option at the bottom of the menu. There are some default options available that you can select by simply clicking them on this menu, but we will continue further by creating our own.

how to insert a watermark in word 2013

Step 4: Click the Text watermark button at the left side of the window.

check the text watermark option

Step 5: Click inside the Text field, delete the current text, and enter the text that you want to use for your watermark. We will be using “FOR INTERNAL USE ONLY” in this example.

enter the text for your watermark

Step 6: Change the font, size, color and layout options as needed, then click the Apply button to add it to the document. Note that you may want to uncheck the Semitransparent box if you find that the watermark is too difficult to read. You can then click the Close button to close this window.

select your font options for the watermark, then click the apply button

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