How to Write Vertically in Word: A Comprehensive 2024 Guide

Writing vertically in Word is a nifty trick that could come in handy for various projects, like creating banners or text art. The process is simple and can be done in just a few quick steps. Here’s a brief overview: you’ll start by inserting a text box, then change the text direction within that box. After that, you can type your text, which will now display vertically!

Step by Step Tutorial on How to Write Vertically in Word

Before diving into the steps, it’s essential to understand that writing vertically in Word transforms the layout of your text, giving it a creative edge that’s perfect for specific designs or emphasizing certain elements in a document.

Step 1: Insert a Text Box

Click on the “Insert” tab and then select the “Text Box” option.

Adding a text box gives you the flexibility to position your text anywhere on the document. You can resize and move the box as needed, making it a versatile tool for customizing your layout.

Step 2: Change Text Direction

Right-click on the text box border, select “Format Shape,” go to “Text Box,” and then choose the “Text direction” option.

Changing the text direction allows you to rotate the text within the box, making it display vertically. You can choose from different orientations depending on your preference.

Step 3: Type Your Text

Now, simply type your text, and it will appear vertically within the text box.

As you type, the text will automatically orient itself vertically, following the direction you set. You can type as much text as you need, and the box will expand to accommodate it.

After completing these steps, you’ll have text that runs vertically down your page, which can add a unique touch to your document. This can be particularly eye-catching for headers, side notes, or artistic projects.

Tips for Writing Vertically in Word

  • Use a bold or large font size to make your vertical text stand out.
  • Adjust the width of the text box to fit your design needs.
  • Experiment with different text box shapes for creative designs.
  • Consider the readability of vertical text and use it sparingly for maximum impact.
  • If you’re using vertical text in a multi-page document, make sure it’s consistent across all pages.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I rotate text in an existing text box?

Right-click the text box, select “Format Shape,” go to the “Text Box” tab, and choose the direction under “Text direction.”

Can I write vertically without a text box?

Writing vertically without a text box is not recommended, as the text box tool provides the necessary options to control text orientation.

Will the vertical text be readable when printed?

Yes, the vertical text will print exactly as it appears on the screen, so ensure it’s legible before printing.

Can I change the color of my vertical text?

Absolutely! Just highlight the text and use the “Font Color” option under the “Home” tab.

Is there a limit to how much text I can write vertically?

No, there’s no limit. The text box will expand as you type to accommodate your content.


  1. Insert a Text Box
  2. Change Text Direction
  3. Type Your Text


Mastering how to write vertically in Word can open up a world of creative possibilities for your documents. Whether you’re designing a flyer, creating a unique layout for a report, or just looking to add some flair to your project, vertical text can make a statement. Remember, the key is to use it strategically, ensuring it enhances your document without compromising on readability. With the straightforward steps outlined above, you’ll be able to elevate your Word documents’ design in no time. Go ahead, give it a try and watch your text transform from the mundane to the magnificent!

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