How to See Screen Time on Windows 11: A Step-by-Step Guide

How to See Screen Time on Windows 11

Checking your screen time on Windows 11 is a breeze! By diving into a few settings, you can track how much time you’re spending on your device. You’ll be able to see daily and weekly usage, which helps you make informed decisions about your screen habits. Easy-peasy, right?

Step-by-Step Tutorial: How to See Screen Time on Windows 11

Let’s walk through the steps you’ll need to follow to see your screen time on Windows 11. This will help you monitor your computer usage efficiently.

Step 1: Open Settings

First, click on the Start Menu and select "Settings".

When you pop open your Settings, you’re diving into the control center of your Windows 11. This is where you manage all the important features of your system.

Step 2: Navigate to "System"

Next, in the Settings window, click "System".

This section is the heart of your computer settings, covering everything from display to power and battery usage.

Step 3: Select "Power & battery"

Scroll down and choose "Power & battery".

Here, you’ll find details about your device’s battery usage, which includes screen time information.

Step 4: View "Battery Usage"

Under the "Battery" section, click on "Battery usage".

This will bring up a more detailed view. You’ll see a breakdown of your screen time, including how long you’ve been active each day.

Step 5: Analyze Your Screen Time

Look at the graphs and statistics shown.

You’ll see how much time you’ve spent on your device over different periods. This visual data helps you understand your usage patterns better.

Once you’ve completed these steps, you’ll be able to monitor your screen time effectively. You’ll see how long you’re using your device each day and week, helping you manage your screen time better.

Tips for How to See Screen Time on Windows 11

  • Regularly Check: Make it a habit to check your screen time weekly. It helps you stay aware of your usage.
  • Set Reminders: Use reminders to alert you when you’ve hit your daily screen time limit.
  • Use Focus Sessions: Windows 11 has a Focus Sessions feature to help you concentrate on tasks without distraction.
  • Monitor App Usage: Pay attention to which apps take up most of your time.
  • Adjust Settings: If you notice heavy usage, consider adjusting your device settings to reduce screen time.

Frequently Asked Questions: How to See Screen Time on Windows 11

How often should I check my screen time?

It’s recommended to check your screen time weekly to stay aware of your usage patterns.

Can I see screen time for individual apps?

Yes, under the "Battery usage" section, you can see a breakdown of usage for different apps.

Is there a way to set screen time limits on Windows 11?

While Windows 11 doesn’t have built-in time limits, you can use third-party apps or parental control features to set limits.

Does screen time tracking affect battery life?

No, checking your screen time won’t significantly affect your battery life, as it’s a passive process.

Can I export my screen time data?

Currently, Windows 11 doesn’t offer an export feature for screen time data, but you can manually note down your usage statistics.


  1. Open Settings
  2. Navigate to "System"
  3. Select "Power & battery"
  4. View "Battery Usage"
  5. Analyze Your Screen Time


Tracking your screen time on Windows 11 is a valuable habit to develop. Whether you’re aiming to cut down on mindless browsing or just want to understand your device usage better, these steps make it simple. By regularly checking your screen time, setting reminders, and monitoring app usage, you can take control of your digital habits.

In our ever-connected world, it’s easy to lose track of how much time we spend glued to our screens. But with Windows 11’s built-in tools, you have everything you need to stay mindful of your screen habits right at your fingertips. So, go ahead, take those first steps towards better screen time management today!

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