How to See Recently Deleted Apps on iPad: A Step-by-Step Guide

Seeing recently deleted apps on your iPad can be a bit tricky, but it’s totally doable. The key is to go through your App Store purchase history. This allows you to find any apps you’ve downloaded, even if they’re no longer on your device. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you retrieve those recently deleted apps.

How to See Recently Deleted Apps on iPad

In the following steps, you’ll learn how to navigate your iPad to see which apps you have recently deleted. This guide will show you how to access and re-download these apps through your App Store purchase history.

Step 1: Open the App Store

First, open the App Store app on your iPad.

The App Store icon looks like a white “A” on a blue background. It’s likely on your home screen, but if you can’t find it, use your device’s search function to locate the App Store.

Step 2: Tap on Your Profile Icon

Next, tap on your profile icon in the upper right corner of the screen.

Your profile icon might be your photo if you’ve set one up, or it could just be a generic icon. This takes you to your account page, where you can manage your apps and subscriptions.

Step 3: Select “Purchased”

Now, select “Purchased” from the list of options.

This section contains a history of all the apps you’ve purchased or downloaded using your Apple ID. It’s a great way to see apps you’ve had on your device before.

Step 4: Tap “Not on this iPad”

In the Purchased section, tap on “Not on this iPad.”

This filter shows you the apps that you have downloaded before but are not currently installed on your iPad. It’s a quick way to find previously deleted apps.

Step 5: Scroll Through the List

Scroll through the list to find the recently deleted app.

If you have a lot of apps, this might take a bit of time. But once you find the app, you can easily re-download it by tapping the cloud icon next to it.

After completing these steps, you’ll see the app reappear on your home screen. It will reinstall just like any other app from the App Store.

Tips for How to See Recently Deleted Apps on iPad

  • If you have multiple Apple IDs, make sure you’re logged into the correct one to see all your downloads.
  • Use the search bar in the “Purchased” section to quickly find a specific app.
  • Check the “Updates” tab in the App Store to see if there are any updates for your re-downloaded apps.
  • Don’t forget to back up your iPad regularly to avoid losing app data.
  • If an app isn’t showing up, it might have been removed from the App Store.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I see when I deleted an app?

The App Store doesn’t show the exact date an app was deleted, but you can see when you last downloaded it in the purchase history.

Will re-downloading an app restore its data?

Not always. Some apps save data to an account or cloud service, but others store data locally and it might be lost if the app is deleted.

Can I see deleted apps on my iPhone the same way?

Yes, the process is the same on an iPhone as it is on an iPad.

What if the app I want isn’t in the App Store anymore?

If an app has been removed from the App Store by the developer or Apple, you won’t be able to re-download it.

Can I hide apps in my purchase history?

Yes, you can hide apps from your purchase history, though this won’t delete them from your Apple ID.


  1. Open the App Store.
  2. Tap on your profile icon.
  3. Select “Purchased.”
  4. Tap “Not on this iPad.”
  5. Scroll through the list.


And there you have it! Now you know how to see recently deleted apps on your iPad. This method is handy for those moments when you accidentally remove an app or want to revisit an old favorite. Your purchase history in the App Store is a treasure trove of all your app adventures, so don’t hesitate to dive back in and see what you might have forgotten about.

Regularly checking your purchase history can also remind you of apps that might be useful again, especially with new updates or features. So go ahead, explore your App Store history, and maybe you’ll find that perfect app you once loved but forgot about.

Remember, using technology efficiently is all about knowing where to look. If you’re interested in more iPad tips, keep reading our guides or visit the Apple Support page for more detailed information. Happy app hunting!