How to Merge Cells on Google Docs: A Step-by-Step Guide

Merging cells on Google Docs is a quick and easy way to organize your data and make your document look neater. Whether you’re creating a table or formatting a list, merging cells can help you achieve a more polished and professional look. In just a few clicks, you can combine two or more cells into one larger cell, giving you more space and flexibility with your content.

Step by Step Tutorial on How to Merge Cells on Google Docs

Before we dive into the nitty-gritty, let’s briefly go over what these steps will help you accomplish. By following these instructions, you’ll learn how to merge cells in a table within a Google Docs document. This can be useful for creating headers, organizing information, and improving the overall appearance of your table.

Step 1: Open your Google Docs document

Open the Google Docs document that contains the table you want to modify.

This first step is pretty straightforward. Make sure you’re logged into your Google account and then open the document that has the table you want to work on. If you haven’t created a table yet, you can easily do so by clicking on “Insert” and then “Table” to add one to your document.

Step 2: Select the cells you want to merge

Click and drag your cursor across the cells you’d like to merge to highlight them.

Once you’ve identified which cells you want to merge, click on the first cell and then drag your cursor across the rest of the cells. Make sure all the cells you want to merge are highlighted before moving on to the next step.

Step 3: Right-click on the highlighted cells

Right-click on one of the selected cells to open the context menu.

After you’ve selected the cells, right-click on any of the highlighted cells. This action will open a menu with several options. Look for the option that says “Merge cells” – that’s what you’ll need in the next step.

Step 4: Click on “Merge cells”

Select “Merge cells” from the menu to combine the selected cells into one.

Once you’ve found the “Merge cells” option in the menu, go ahead and click on it. And just like that, your selected cells will be merged into one bigger cell. It’s as simple as that!

After you complete the action of merging cells, you’ll notice that the content of the individual cells will now be combined into one cell. If there was text in the cells before merging, it will all be in the new merged cell. You can then adjust the content as needed, whether that means centering the text, adding new information, or formatting it differently.

Tips for Merging Cells on Google Docs

  • Make sure you only merge cells within the same row or column. Merging cells from different rows or columns can cause formatting issues.
  • If you’re merging cells that already have content, the content from the upper-left most cell will be preserved, and the rest will be deleted. So, double-check before merging!
  • Merging cells is permanent, but you can always undo it by using the “Undo” command or pressing Ctrl + Z on your keyboard.
  • If you need to split a merged cell back into individual cells, right-click on the merged cell and select “Unmerge cells.”
  • Remember that merging cells can affect the layout of your table, so consider how it will look before making any changes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I merge cells across different rows and columns?

No, you can only merge cells within the same row or column. Attempting to merge across rows and columns can distort your table’s layout.

Will I lose the content in my cells when I merge them?

The content in the upper-left most cell will be kept, while the content in the other cells will be deleted. Make sure to copy any important information before merging.

Can I unmerge cells after I’ve merged them?

Yes, you can unmerge cells by right-clicking on the merged cell and selecting “Unmerge cells.”

Is merging cells reversible?

Merging cells is a reversible action. You can use the “Undo” command or press Ctrl + Z to reverse the merge.

Can I merge cells in Google Sheets as well?

Yes, merging cells is also a feature in Google Sheets, and the process is similar to the one in Google Docs.


  1. Open your Google Docs document.
  2. Select the cells you want to merge.
  3. Right-click on the highlighted cells.
  4. Click on “Merge cells.”


Merging cells on Google Docs is a handy trick that can make your documents look cleaner and more organized. Whether you’re creating a table for work, school, or personal use, knowing how to merge cells can significantly enhance the appearance and functionality of your document. Just remember to select the right cells, preserve any important content, and you’ll be a pro at merging cells in no time. Now that you’ve got the hang of it, why not give it a try on your next Google Docs project?

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