How to Do Handout Formats on a PowerPoint for a Mac: Step-by-Step Guide

Creating handouts for your PowerPoint presentation on a Mac may seem daunting, but it’s actually quite simple. All you need is your PowerPoint file, a Mac computer, and a printer if you’re planning to distribute physical copies. In just a few clicks, you’ll have professional-looking handouts ready to go.

Step by Step Tutorial: How to Do Handout Formats on a PowerPoint for a Mac

Before we dive into the steps, let’s clarify what we’re aiming for. By following these instructions, you’re going to learn how to print or save your PowerPoint slides in a handout format. This means multiple slides will be displayed on a single page, saving paper and making it easier for your audience to follow along.

Step 1: Open Your PowerPoint Presentation

Open the PowerPoint presentation you want to create handouts for.

Once you have your PowerPoint open, ensure that all the slides are arranged and edited to your liking. This is your last chance to make any changes before you create the handouts.

Step 2: Click on ‘File’ in the Menu Bar

In the menu bar at the top of your screen, click on ‘File.’

This will open a dropdown menu where you’ll find several options for managing your PowerPoint file. You’re looking for the print settings.

Step 3: Select ‘Print’

From the File menu, choose ‘Print.’ This will open the print menu where you can change various settings.

In the print menu, you’ll be able to select the printer you want to use, set the number of copies, and most importantly for us, choose the layout for your handouts.

Step 4: Choose ‘Handout’

Under the ‘Layout’ option, select ‘Handout.’

This will allow you to choose how many slides you want to appear on each page of your handout. You can choose from 1 slide per page up to 9 slides per page.

Step 5: Adjust Settings as Needed

Here you can adjust the order, frame slides, and print in grayscale if needed.

Play around with these settings to get the look you want for your handout. You can also decide if you want to include things like the slide number, date, or a header/footer.

Step 6: Print or Save Your Handout

Finally, click ‘Print’ to print your handouts or ‘Save as PDF’ to save a digital copy.

If you choose to print, make sure your printer is on and loaded with enough paper. If you save as a PDF, pick a location on your Mac where you can easily find the file later.

After you complete these steps, you’ll have a PDF file of your handout or physical copies, depending on your choice. This handout will be a helpful resource for your audience to reference during and after your presentation.

Tips: How to Do Handout Formats on a PowerPoint for a Mac

  • Always preview your handout before printing or saving. This way, you can catch any mistakes or formatting issues.
  • Consider the environment – try not to print more copies than necessary.
  • Use high-quality images in your PowerPoint to ensure they look good when printed in handout format.
  • Think about your audience when deciding how many slides to include per page. More slides per page can be overwhelming.
  • Remember that you can also create handouts in other formats, like PDFs, that can be emailed or shared online.

Frequently Asked Questions: How to Do Handout Formats on a PowerPoint for a Mac

What is the best number of slides per page for a handout?

The best number of slides per page depends on your content and audience. Generally, 3-4 slides per page offer a good balance between readability and paper conservation.

Can I add notes to my handouts?

Yes, in the ‘Print’ menu, choose ‘Notes’ instead of ‘Handouts’ to include your speaker notes below each slide.

Can I customize the layout of my handouts?

You can choose the order and orientation of the slides, but customizing beyond the provided layouts may require additional software.

How can I save paper when printing handouts?

Opt for more slides per page, print on both sides of the paper, or consider sharing digital copies instead.

Is it possible to print handouts with slide animations?

No, animations cannot be printed. Handouts will show static versions of your slides.

Summary: How to Do Handout Formats on a PowerPoint for a Mac

  1. Open PowerPoint presentation
  2. Click ‘File’ in the menu bar
  3. Select ‘Print’
  4. Choose ‘Handout’
  5. Adjust settings as needed
  6. Print or save your handout


There you have it, a simple guide on how to do handout formats on a PowerPoint for a Mac. Whether you’re prepping for a big conference or a small meeting, handouts can be a great way to keep your audience engaged and provide them with a valuable resource long after your presentation is over. With these easy steps, you’re now equipped to create handouts that are not only informative but also eco-friendly and visually appealing.

Remember, the key to a great handout is readability and relevance, so take your time choosing the right layout and content. If you need further assistance, don’t hesitate to explore PowerPoint’s help resources or reach out to a tech-savvy friend. Happy presenting!

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