How to Delete Autofill Entry on iPhone: A Step-by-Step Guide

To delete an autofill entry on your iPhone, navigate to the Safari settings, select ‘Autofill’, choose ‘Saved Credit Cards’ or ‘My Info’, swipe left on the entry you wish to remove, and tap ‘Delete’. This quick process will help you manage your autofill information and keep your data up to date.

After completing this action, the selected autofill entry will be permanently removed from your iPhone’s Safari settings. Your device will no longer suggest or fill in that specific information when you encounter relevant fields in web forms or payment details.


Have you ever been annoyed by your iPhone suggesting the wrong address or an outdated credit card when you’re trying to quickly fill out a form? Autofill can be a lifesaver, saving us from the tedium of inputting the same information over and over again. But, when it’s not up-to-date, it can be more of a nuisance than a help. In this digital age, our devices hold so much personal information, and it’s essential to manage this data effectively.

Knowing how to delete an autofill entry on an iPhone is crucial for anyone who shops online, fills out forms, or just values their privacy and data accuracy. This article is for anyone who wants to keep their iPhone’s autofill entries accurate and up to date. It’s a simple process but an important one for maintaining the integrity of your personal information.

Step by Step Tutorial: How to Delete Autofill Entry on iPhone

Before diving into the steps, it’s important to note that deleting an autofill entry on your iPhone will remove it permanently. Make sure you have any necessary information saved elsewhere before proceeding.

Step 1: Open Settings

Open the ‘Settings’ app on your iPhone.

The ‘Settings’ app is where you can adjust all the preferences and settings for your iPhone. You’ll find it on your home screen, represented by a gear icon.

Step 2: Tap ‘Safari’

Scroll down and tap on ‘Safari’ to access Safari’s settings.

‘Safari’ is the default web browser on your iPhone, and its settings control how web pages are displayed, your privacy options, and the autofill information.

Step 3: Select ‘Autofill’

Within the Safari settings, tap on ‘Autofill’.

The ‘Autofill’ section is where you can manage the information your iPhone uses to automatically fill in web forms, such as contact information and credit card details.

Step 4: Choose ‘Saved Credit Cards’ or ‘My Info’

Depending on the type of entry you want to delete, select ‘Saved Credit Cards’ for payment information or ‘My Info’ for contact details.

‘Saved Credit Cards’ stores your payment information, while ‘My Info’ stores your personal contact information like name, address, and phone number.

Step 5: Swipe Left on the Entry and Tap ‘Delete’

Find the entry you wish to delete, swipe left on it, and tap ‘Delete’.

Swiping left on an entry will reveal the ‘Delete’ option. Tapping it will remove the entry from your autofill settings.


Enhanced PrivacyRemoving outdated or unwanted autofill entries can protect your privacy by ensuring that personal information isn’t stored longer than necessary.
AccuracyDeleting incorrect autofill entries helps maintain the accuracy of the autofill function, leading to a more efficient browsing experience.
Control Over Personal DataActively managing your autofill entries puts you in control of your personal data, allowing you to decide what information your iPhone retains.


Risk of Data LossIf you don’t have the information saved elsewhere, deleting an autofill entry could result in the permanent loss of that data.
InconvenienceWhile deleting an entry can improve accuracy, it also means you’ll have to manually input that information again when needed.
Time-ConsumingRegularly updating autofill entries can be time-consuming, especially if you have many entries to manage.

Additional Information

When managing your autofill entries, it’s important to remember that these changes affect only the device you’re working on. If you have other devices, such as an iPad or a Mac, you’ll need to delete autofill entries on those devices separately if you want to keep your data consistent across all your Apple products. Additionally, if you utilize iCloud Keychain, changes made to autofill entries may sync across your devices, so keep this in mind when removing or updating information.

It’s always a good idea to double-check your autofill entries periodically to ensure they’re up to date, especially if you’ve recently moved or changed credit cards. Keeping your autofill entries current not only streamlines your online activities but also helps protect you from potential security risks associated with outdated data.


  1. Open ‘Settings’ on your iPhone.
  2. Tap ‘Safari’ to access its settings.
  3. Select ‘Autofill’ to manage autofill information.
  4. Choose ‘Saved Credit Cards’ or ‘My Info’ based on the entry type.
  5. Swipe left on the entry and tap ‘Delete’ to remove it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will deleting an autofill entry affect my other devices?

If you’re using iCloud Keychain, changes may sync across your devices. Otherwise, deleting an entry on one device will not affect others.

Can I recover a deleted autofill entry?

No, once an entry is deleted, it’s permanently removed unless you have it saved elsewhere.

How do I update an autofill entry instead of deleting it?

To update an entry, tap on it and edit the information directly in the ‘Autofill’ settings.

Will deleting a credit card entry from autofill affect Apple Pay?

No, Apple Pay information is stored separately and will not be affected by changes to Safari’s autofill settings.

Can I turn off the autofill feature entirely?

Yes, you can turn off autofill by toggling off the options within the ‘Autofill’ settings in Safari.


Knowing how to delete autofill entry on iPhone is more than just a quick fix to a minor inconvenience—it’s a matter of maintaining your digital privacy and ensuring the seamless operation of your device. In a world where data is gold, taking control of what we share and store on our devices is vital.

Whether it’s updating your address after a move, switching out an expired credit card, or just doing a digital cleanup, managing your autofill entries is a small but significant step towards secure and efficient device usage. So take a few moments to check your autofill settings—it’s a simple action that could save you from future headaches.

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