How to Change Battery in iPad: A Step-by-Step Guide to DIY Replacement

Changing the battery in an iPad might sound like a daunting task, but with the right tools and a little patience, it’s completely doable. In this guide, we’ll walk you through each step of the process, from gathering the necessary tools to safely removing and replacing the battery. By the end, your iPad will have a fresh new battery and be ready to go.

How to Change Battery in iPad

In this section, we’ll cover the necessary steps to change the battery in your iPad. The process includes gathering your tools, opening the iPad, removing the old battery, and installing a new one. While it requires some careful handling, following these steps will help you get the job done.

Step 1: Gather your tools

To start, gather a heat gun or hair dryer, a suction cup, a spudger, tweezers, a screwdriver set, and a replacement battery.

Using the right tools is essential. A heat gun or hair dryer will help loosen the adhesive securing the screen. A suction cup and spudger will assist in gently prying open the iPad without damaging it. Tweezers and a screwdriver set are necessary for removing small components. Make sure you have a high-quality replacement battery compatible with your iPad model.

Step 2: Heat the edges of the iPad

Apply heat around the edges of the iPad’s screen using a heat gun or hair dryer for about 2-3 minutes.

Heating the edges helps soften the adhesive, making it easier to lift the screen without cracking it. Be sure to move the heat evenly and avoid focusing on one spot for too long to prevent overheating.

Step 3: Use the suction cup and spudger

Place the suction cup on the screen and gently pull up while using the spudger to separate the screen from the body.

This step requires patience. The adhesive can be stubborn, so work your way around the edges gradually. If you encounter resistance, apply more heat and try again. Be careful not to insert the spudger too far to avoid damaging internal components.

Step 4: Disconnect the battery connector

Locate the battery connector and use the tweezers to gently disconnect it from the motherboard.

Disconnecting the battery is crucial for safety. Use your tweezers to carefully lift the connector straight up. Take your time to avoid bending or breaking any delicate pins.

Step 5: Remove the old battery

Use the spudger to carefully pry the old battery out of its adhesive hold and lift it away from the iPad.

The battery is often secured with strong adhesive, so this step can be tricky. Apply gentle and consistent pressure with your spudger. If necessary, reapply heat to soften the adhesive further. Never use metal tools to avoid puncturing the battery.

Step 6: Install the new battery

Place the new battery in the same position as the old one, ensuring it adheres properly.

Once the old battery is out, position the new one carefully. Make sure it sits snugly in place and connects properly. Double-check that the battery connector aligns with the motherboard connector.

Step 7: Reconnect the battery connector

Gently reconnect the battery connector to the motherboard using tweezers.

Firmly but gently press the battery connector down to secure it. Ensure it’s properly seated to avoid any power issues. Verify that there are no loose connections.

Step 8: Close the iPad

Carefully press the screen back into place and apply even pressure around the edges.

Make sure the screen and body are aligned correctly. Apply even pressure to reseal the adhesive. If the screen doesn’t sit flush, consider reheating the edges to soften the adhesive further.

After completing these steps, your iPad should power on with a fresh battery. Test it out to make sure everything is functioning properly.

Tips for Changing Battery in iPad

Here are some helpful tips to make the process smoother:

  • Use quality tools: Investing in the right tools can save you from potential damage.
  • Work in a clean environment: Dust and debris can cause issues, so keep your workspace tidy.
  • Take your time: Rushing can lead to mistakes; patience is key.
  • Follow a guide: Visual tutorials can complement written instructions.
  • Dispose of the old battery properly: Follow local regulations for battery disposal.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to change an iPad battery?

It generally takes about 30-60 minutes, depending on your experience with similar tasks.

Is it safe to change an iPad battery at home?

Yes, if you follow proper instructions and handle components carefully.

Do I need any special skills to change an iPad battery?

Basic DIY skills are sufficient; just be patient and follow each step closely.

How much does it cost to replace an iPad battery?

DIY replacement kits range from $20 to $50, while professional services can cost over $100.

What should I do if my iPad doesn’t turn on after changing the battery?

Double-check all connections and ensure the battery is properly seated; if issues persist, consult a professional.


  1. Gather your tools.
  2. Heat the edges of the iPad.
  3. Use the suction cup and spudger.
  4. Disconnect the battery connector.
  5. Remove the old battery.
  6. Install the new battery.
  7. Reconnect the battery connector.
  8. Close the iPad.


Changing the battery in your iPad can breathe new life into your device, saving you from the cost of a new one. While the process requires careful handling and some patience, it’s entirely doable with the right tools and steps. Remember to follow the guide closely, take your time, and always handle components gently. If you’re unsure at any point, don’t hesitate to seek additional help or consult a professional. By taking on this task, you’ll not only extend the life of your iPad but also gain valuable DIY skills. Ready to give it a try? Your iPad’s new battery is just a few steps away!

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