How to Add Someone to a Group Text on iPhone 13 Mini: A Step-by-Step Guide

Adding someone to a group text on your iPhone 13 mini is a breeze! All you need is a few taps to include more friends in the conversation. Whether it’s for making plans or just sharing the latest news, everyone can now be part of the chat. So, let’s get started and ensure no one is left out of your group texts.

Step by Step Tutorial: Adding Someone to a Group Text on iPhone 13 Mini

Before we dive into the steps, it’s important to note that this tutorial will help you expand your group text circle. With this, you can keep everyone on the same page without the hassle of forwarding messages or creating multiple threads.

Step 1: Open the Messages App

Open the Messages app on your iPhone 13 mini.

The Messages app is where all your text conversations live. Look for the green icon with a white speech bubble on your home screen.

Step 2: Select the Group Text

Tap on the group text to which you want to add someone.

Scroll through your conversations until you find the group text. It’s the one with multiple people’s names or avatars at the top.

Step 3: Tap on the Details Icon

Tap on the details icon at the top right of the screen.

The details icon looks like a small ‘i’ or profile picture inside a circle. Tapping on this will take you to more options for your group text.

Step 4: Select “Add Contact”

Tap on “Add Contact” in the group details.

You’ll see this option on your screen after you’ve tapped on the details icon. It allows you to include new members in your group chat.

Step 5: Enter the Contact Information

Enter the contact information of the person you want to add.

You can type in their name if they’re already in your contacts, or you can type in their phone number directly.

After you complete these steps, the new person will be added to your group text. They’ll be able to see all future messages and participate in the conversation. Just like that, your group chat has grown, and everyone can stay connected.

Tips for Adding Someone to a Group Text on iPhone 13 Mini

  • Ensure the person you’re adding has an iPhone to avoid any compatibility issues with iMessage.
  • Double-check the contact information to avoid adding the wrong person.
  • Remember that adding someone to a group text will notify all current members.
  • If you have Do Not Disturb enabled for that group, you’ll need to disable it to add a new contact.
  • Make sure your iOS is updated to the latest version for the best experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I add someone to a group text if they have an Android phone?

Yes, you can add them, but the group text will switch from iMessage to MMS, and some features might not be available.

Is there a limit to how many people I can add to a group text on the iPhone 13 mini?

Yes, iMessage allows up to 32 participants, including you, in a single group chat.

Will the person I add be able to see previous messages in the group text?

No, they will only see messages sent from the point they were added.

Can I remove someone from a group text after adding them?

Yes, you can remove someone by following a similar process but selecting “Remove Contact” instead.

What if I accidentally add the wrong person to a group text?

You can remove them by following the steps to remove a contact from a group text.


  1. Open the Messages app.
  2. Select the group text.
  3. Tap on the details icon.
  4. Select “Add Contact”.
  5. Enter the contact information.


Group texts are a fantastic way to keep everyone in the loop, and with your iPhone 13 mini, managing your group chats is effortless. Adding new members to a group text ensures that all friends, family, or colleagues can participate in the conversation seamlessly. The process is straightforward, just a few taps and you’re done!

Remember, it’s crucial to have the correct contact information to avoid any mix-ups. With these tips and steps, your group text on iPhone 13 mini will be more inclusive than ever. Don’t hesitate to use the frequently asked questions as a quick reference for any doubts. Now, go ahead and make sure no one misses out on the fun in your group chats!

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