iOS 17: How to Add Someone to Group Text on iPhone

Adding someone to a group text on your iPhone with iOS 17 is a breeze. Simply open the group message, click on the group name at the top, select “Add Contact,” find the person you want to add in your contacts list, and click “Done.” And voila! The new member will be added to the group chat.

After you’ve added someone to the group text, they’ll be able to see all new messages sent to the group. They will not be able to see the previous history of the chat from before they were added.

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Group texting is a fantastic way to stay connected with friends, family, or colleagues, especially when you’re trying to organize an event or keep everyone in the loop about important information. The iOS 17 update on iPhones has made adding people to group texts simpler than ever. Whether you’re a parent trying to coordinate a family outing, a student working on a group project, or an office manager keeping your team updated, knowing how to add someone to a group text can save you a lot of time and hassle.

Why is this important? Well, for one, it can help avoid the confusion of multiple individual texts and ensure everyone gets the same message at the same time. Secondly, it’s just plain convenient. Plus, with iOS 17, the process is straightforward and user-friendly, making group communication a breeze for iPhone users.

Step by Step Tutorial on How to Add Someone to Group Text on iPhone

Before jumping into the nitty-gritty, it’s important to understand that following these steps will allow you to add a new member to an existing group chat on your iPhone. So, if you’ve got a chat going and need to bring another person into the fold, here’s how you do it.

Step 1: Open the group message

To get started, you need to open the messaging app on your iPhone and select the group text to which you want to add a new member.

Opening the group message will allow you to access the details and settings for that specific chat, which is where the option to add new members is located.

Step 2: Click on the group name at the top

Once the group text is open, tap on the group name (or the numbers of people) at the top of the screen to view the group’s details.

Tapping the group name will take you to a new screen with various options, including the ability to add or remove members, share the group’s name, and more.

Step 3: Select “Add Contact”

In the group’s details, you’ll see an “Add Contact” option. Select it to proceed with adding a new member to the group text.

By selecting “Add Contact,” your iPhone will prompt you to select from your list of contacts. It’s a quick and easy way to search and find the person you want to add to the group.

Step 4: Find the person in your contacts list

Next, you’ll need to scroll through your contacts list or use the search function to find the person you want to add to the group text.

Finding the person in your contacts is essential because it ensures that you are adding the correct individual to the group chat. It’s all about making sure everyone who needs to be in the loop is included.

Step 5: Click “Done”

After selecting the person you want to add, simply click “Done,” and they will be added to the group text.

Clicking “Done” finalizes the process, and the new member will be able to participate in the group chat going forward. It’s that easy!


ConvenienceAdding someone to a group text on your iPhone is incredibly convenient. It saves you from having to send multiple individual messages and ensures everyone is on the same page.
Saves TimeInstead of messaging each person individually, you can communicate with an entire group at once, saving precious time.
Organized CommunicationGroup texts help keep communication organized. Whether for personal or professional use, having everyone in one chat streamlines conversations.


Privacy ConcernsAdding someone new to a group text means they’ll have access to all future messages, which might include private information.
Potential for SpamGroup texts can sometimes lead to a barrage of messages, especially with more members, which can be overwhelming.
Compatibility IssuesIf group members use different types of phones (such as Androids), it may affect the group’s functionality and message delivery.

Additional Information

There are a couple of other things to keep in mind when adding someone to a group text on your iPhone. First, the person you’re adding must be using an iPhone as well. This is because iMessage, Apple’s messaging service, is what allows these group texts to function seamlessly. If someone in the group uses a different brand of phone, they might not be able to participate in the group chat as easily.

Also, remember that once someone is added to a group text, they’ll have access to any new messages sent, but not to the history of the chat before they were added. This is an important consideration if the chat contains sensitive or private information. And lastly, if the person you’re adding to your group text is not already in your contacts list, you’ll need to add them before you can include them in the group.


  1. Open the group message
  2. Click on the group name at the top
  3. Select “Add Contact”
  4. Find the person in your contacts list
  5. Click “Done”

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I add someone to a group text if they don’t have an iPhone?

No, the person you’re adding must also use an iPhone because the group text feature relies on iMessage, which is exclusive to Apple devices.

What happens if I add the wrong person to a group text?

If you mistakenly add the wrong person, you can remove them by following similar steps to adding a member—just select “Remove” instead of “Add Contact.”

Will the new member see the previous messages in the group text?

No, the new member will only be able to see messages sent to the group after they were added, not the previous history.

Is there a limit to how many people I can add to a group text?

Yes, iMessage allows up to 32 participants in a single group chat.

Can I add someone to a group text if they have disabled iMessage?

No, if someone has iMessage disabled, they cannot be added to an iMessage group text. They would need to enable it first.


Mastering how to add someone to a group text on your iPhone with iOS 17 can greatly enhance your communication, whether it’s for personal coordination or professional collaboration. Keep in mind that while it’s a convenient feature, it’s also important to consider the privacy and preferences of all participants.

Use this tool wisely, and you’ll find that group texting can be a powerful way to stay connected in our ever-bustling digital world. And remember, if you ever need to expand the conversation, adding a new member is now just a few taps away.