What Does Delivered Mean on iPhone? Understanding Message Status

Have you ever sent a text on your iPhone and wondered what the “Delivered” status means? It’s pretty straightforward – when you see “Delivered” under your text, it means your message has successfully reached the recipient’s phone. This confirmation can give you peace of mind that your message is waiting to be read. But what if it doesn’t say “Delivered”? We’ll get into that and more, so sit tight!

Step by Step Tutorial: Understanding Delivered on iPhone

Before we dive deep into the nitty-gritty, let’s understand what steps you’ll take to check the “Delivered” status and what it signifies.

Step 1: Send a text message

Start by sending a text to someone from your iPhone.

When you send a text message, you’ll typically see a status indicator below the message. This lets you know the current status of your text. If it’s still sending, you’ll see a small status circle. Once it changes to “Delivered,” you’ll know the message has reached the other person’s phone.

Step 2: Check the status under the message

After sending, look below the message to see if it says “Delivered.”

If you see “Delivered” under your message, you’re all set! The recipient’s phone has received the text. If it hasn’t shown up yet, your message might still be on its way, or there could be a problem with the recipient’s phone or network.

After you’ve completed these steps, you’ll have a clear understanding of whether your message has reached its destination. If it has, great! If not, you might need to troubleshoot further.

What Happens After Delivered

Once your message is “Delivered,” it’s now in the hands of the recipient. They’ll be able to read it as soon as they check their phone. Keep in mind that “Delivered” doesn’t mean read – it just means it’s there, waiting for them.

Tips for Sent vs. Delivered on iPhone

  • “Sent” means your message has left your iPhone, but hasn’t reached the other phone yet.
  • “Delivered” confirms the message has arrived at the recipient’s device.
  • If you don’t see “Delivered,” the recipient might have their phone switched off or be out of service area.
  • “Read” will appear once the recipient has opened and looked at the message.
  • If “Delivered” never shows up, you may want to check with the person to make sure their phone is on and working properly.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if my message never says “Delivered”?

If your message never changes to “Delivered,” it could be stuck in sending limbo due to a poor network connection, or the recipient’s phone might be off or out of service range.

Can I turn off “Delivered” notifications?

You can’t turn off “Delivered” statuses, but you can turn off read receipts if you prefer not to let senders know when you’ve read their messages.

What does it mean if “Delivered” disappears?

If the “Delivered” status disappears, it usually means the recipient has read the message, assuming you haven’t turned off read receipts.

Can “Delivered” show up if someone has blocked me?

No, if someone has blocked you, you will not see “Delivered” under the messages you send them.

What’s the difference between “Delivered” and “Read”?

“Delivered” means the message has reached the recipient’s phone, while “Read” indicates that the recipient has actually opened and read the message.


  1. Send a text message.
  2. Check the status under the message.


So, what does delivered mean on iPhone? In essence, it’s a simple yet powerful feature that provides transparency in communication. It takes away the guesswork and ensures that your message has found its way to the intended destination. While it does not guarantee that the message has been read, it is an essential first step in confirming successful delivery. As we rely more and more on digital communication, features like this become increasingly important in keeping our conversations smooth and worry-free. Remember, technology is here to serve us and enhance our connections, not complicate them. Embrace it, understand it, and communicate with confidence.

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