How to Change the Screen Grid Layout in Android Marshmallow

The size of the icons on your Android Marshmallow’s Home screen may be something that you dislike. Whether you aren’t fitting enough apps on one screen, or the icons are too small for you to read easily, you might be looking for a way to make your app icons a different size. Fortunately this is […]

How to Turn Off Gmail Notifications in Android Marshmallow

Does your phone screen constantly light up because you have received a new email? Are you getting so many emails throughout the course of the day that your notifications have essentially become irrelevant? The time may have come for you to consider turning off the notifications for your Gmail account entirely. It’s likely that you […]

How to Reset Network Settings in Android Marshmallow

Troubleshooting methods for your Android phone can vary depending upon the type of problem that you have. But if you are experiencing difficulty with Bluetooth devices, Wi-Fi networks, or accessing mobile data networks, then one commonly used troubleshooting step is to reset your network settings. This will remove any custom settings and information that you […]

How to Set the Default Browser in Android Marshmallow

While the Android version of Chrome is an excellent Web browser, and consistently ranks as one of the top-rated options by users, you may have another browser that you would prefer to use instead. However, you may be finding that Web page links that you open in emails or text messages are opening in Chrome […]

How to Enable Network Based Time in Android Marshmallow

You have the option of setting automatic or manual time and date on your Android Marshmallow phone. Selecting the manual option can give you some flexibility if your own habits, job, or preferences mandate an alternate time or date. Unfortunately using the manual time option in Android Marshmallow can have some adverse effects with apps […]

How to Hide Your Caller ID in Android Marshmallow

We’ve gotten to the point with smartphones where it is unusual to receive a phone call and not know who is calling. If you don’t already have the number saved in your device because it’s a contact, you can typically see the phone number and choose to answer or ignore based on that information. Caller […]

How to Schedule a Text Message in Android Marshmallow

Have you ever needed to send a text message to someone at a particular time, but it’s inconvenient for you to do so? Scheduling messages has long been a a useful feature in Outlook, and it’s now something that you can do on your Android smartphone with the Marshmallow operating system. This method takes place […]

How to Enable Notification Reminders in Android Marshmallow

Your phone can give you notifications when you get a text message or an email. There are also tons of different scenarios where other apps might notify you about impending information within that app. If your phone is nearby, then you will likely hear or see those notifications when they occur. But if you often […]

How to Turn Off Picture Geotagging in Android Marshmallow

You may have noticed that certain apps and websites are able to determine the location in which one of your pictures was taken. This occurs because there is something called metadata that includes GPS data from your phone. While this does have interesting applications for sorting your pictures, you might prefer that your location data […]

How to Turn On the Smart Network Switch in Android Marshmallow

The iPhone has a feature called Wi-Fi assist where the device can intelligently determine whether or not your Wi-Fi signal is weak or unstable and choose to use your cellular connection instead. Your Android Marshmallow phone has a similar feature, although it goes by a different name. On Android, this is called “Smart Network Switch” […]