Showing Two Pages Side-by-Side in MS Word: A Step-by-Step Guide

Want to view two pages of your document side by side in Microsoft Word? It’s easy! Just open your document, go to the “View” tab, and click on “Multiple Pages.” This will instantly show two pages side by side, making it easier to compare content or work on different sections simultaneously.

After you’ve completed this action, you’ll be able to see two pages of your document at the same time. This can be helpful for editing, formatting, or comparing different sections of your work.


Have you ever found yourself scrolling back and forth between different pages of a Word document, trying to compare text or check for consistency? It can be quite a hassle, right? Well, what if I told you there’s a way to see two pages side-by-side in Microsoft Word, making your editing and reviewing process a whole lot easier? Yes, you heard that right! This feature is particularly handy for writers, editors, students, and anyone who needs to work on lengthy documents.

Whether you’re writing a report, an essay, or a novel, being able to view multiple pages at once can significantly enhance your productivity and accuracy. Plus, it saves you the strain of constant scrolling and losing your place in the document. So, let’s dive into how you can utilize this feature and make your Word experience smoother and more efficient.

Step by Step Tutorial: Showing Two Pages Side-by-Side in Microsoft Word

Before we begin, make sure you have your Microsoft Word document open. The following steps will guide you through the process of viewing two pages side-by-side.

Step 1: Go to the “View” tab

Click on the “View” tab located in the top menu of Microsoft Word.

The “View” tab contains various options for changing how you see your document. It’s your go-to place for anything related to the document’s display settings.

Step 2: Click on “Multiple Pages”

In the “View” tab, look for the “Zoom” section and click on “Multiple Pages.”

By clicking “Multiple Pages,” Word will automatically adjust the zoom level and display layout so you can view more than one page at a time.

Step 3: Adjust the zoom if necessary

If the pages appear too small or too large, use the zoom slider at the bottom right corner of the window to adjust the view to your comfort level.

Remember, the goal is to make it easier for you to work on your document, so feel free to adjust the zoom until it feels just right.


Enhanced ProductivityBeing able to see two pages at once allows you to work more efficiently.
Easier ComparisonIt simplifies the process of comparing text between different sections.
Better FormattingWith a wider view, you can better manage the layout and formatting of your document.


Smaller TextViewing multiple pages can result in smaller text, which may be harder to read for some users.
Limited to Screen SizeThe effectiveness of this feature depends on the size of your screen. Larger screens will provide a better experience.
Possible DistractionHaving two pages in view may be distracting for some users who prefer to focus on one page at a time.

Additional Information

While showing two pages side-by-side in Microsoft Word is a straightforward process, there are other tricks you can use to enhance your document-editing experience further. For instance, if you have a wide-screen monitor, you might even be able to view three or more pages at once. Just repeat the earlier steps and adjust the zoom until you achieve the desired layout. Additionally, consider using the “Split” view feature.

This allows you to divide your Word window into two panes, each scrollable independently—perfect for cross-referencing within the same document. One more tip: if you’re using this feature for proofreading, you might want to activate Word’s “Read Mode.” It provides a clean, book-like view that can make the review process even more comfortable.


  1. Open the document in Microsoft Word.
  2. Go to the “View” tab.
  3. Click on “Multiple Pages.”
  4. Adjust the zoom if necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I view more than two pages at once?

Yes, depending on the size of your screen and your zoom level, you can view multiple pages at once.

Will this work on any version of Microsoft Word?

This feature is available in most recent versions of Microsoft Word.

Can I still edit my document in this view?

Absolutely! You can edit your document just like you would in a normal view.

Is there a keyboard shortcut to switch to multiple page view?

No, currently there is no direct keyboard shortcut to switch to this view. You will need to use the “View” tab.

What if I want to go back to viewing one page at a time?

Just click on “One Page” in the “View” tab to revert back to a single-page view.


Viewing two pages side-by-side in Microsoft Word is an excellent feature that can enhance your workflow, particularly when editing or formatting long documents. It’s a simple yet effective way to boost productivity, allowing you to compare, contrast, and perfect your work without the hassle of constant scrolling.

Whether you’re a student, a professional writer, or just someone who deals with text-heavy documents, mastering this feature will undoubtedly save you time and frustration. Give it a try and see how it changes your Microsoft Word experience for the better!

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