How to Remove the Movie and TV Store from the Roku 3 Home Screen

The Roku 3 has options for a Movie Store and a TV Store that allow you to purchase or rent videos from their M-G0 service. An update to the Roku 3 operating system added links to the Movie Store and the TV Store directly to the home screen.

If you do not use either of these options, or if you have a child that you do not want to be able to use them, then you might be looking for a way to remove them. Fortunately both of the store options can be hidden from the Home screen by following our short guide below.


Hiding the Movie Store and TV Store on the Roku 3

The steps in this article will show you how to hide the Movie Store and the TV Store that are visible on the Roku 3 Home screen.



Step 1: Navigate to the Roku 3’s Home screen, then select the Settings option from the menu at the left side of the screen.

select the settings option



Step 3: Scroll down and select the Home Screen option.

select the home screen option



Step 3: Select the Hide option at the right side of the screen.

select the hide option



You should now be able to return to the Roku 3’s Home screen and see that both of the store options are no longer visible. If you decide that you want to restore these options, simply follow these same steps again, but select the Show option in Step 3 instead.

hidden movie and tv stores



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