Pros and Cons of the Roku 3

In our review of the Roku 3 we concluded that the Roku 3 was among the best available set-top boxes on the market. It’s a fast, affordable device that is easy to use. But if you are still undecided about purchasing one, then it can help to see a list of the pros and cons to help you answer questions about concerns that you might still have. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

Pros of the Roku 3

  • Faster processor than earlier Roku versions. The menus move faster, and videos start quicker.
  • Over 700 channels of content. This includes a wide variety of free and paid options.
  • One time purchase. No monthly or yearly Roku charge. (But you will need to pay monthly subscription charges for Netflix, Hulu, and many of the other premium subscription channels that cost money.)
  • Wired Ethernet port
  • USB port
  • Dual band wireless card makes it easier to connect to networks
  • Remote control with a headphone jack lets you redirect the Roku audio from the TV through headphones connected to the remote
  • Includes a MicroSD slot to expand the memory on the Roku 3 for additional channel downloads
  • The user interface is incredibly simple to navigate
  • The search feature makes it easy to find content

Cons of the Roku 3

  • Some of the more popular channels do require a monthly subscription
  • Only has an HDMI connection (but you can read this article to learn how to bypass that)
  • Less expensive Roku models will be more than adequate for many people
  • You either need an existing wireless network in your house to use it, or the Roku 3 needs to be located somewhere that it can easily connect to a wired network
  • No comparable alternative to the Apple TV’s AirPlay
  • No access to iTunes content
  • Doesn’t come with an HDMI cable

If you want to learn more about the Roku 3, check out the product page at Amazon. You can also read hundreds of reviews on Amazon and compare prices from a number of other sellers at Amazon.

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