How to Password Protect a Word for Mac 2011 Document

Last updated on May 21st, 2023 at 02:24 am

You will need to know how to password protect a Word for Mac 2011 document if you are creating something that contains sensitive information. This is a feature that is shared among most versions of Microsoft Word, such as Word 2013, and it is a good solution if you have a document that you only want a few people to be able to read.

Our tutorial will explain how to locate the feature in Word 2011 that allows you to add and create a password for your document. It is important to save the document when you have finished so that this setting applies to the document. You can then share the document and the password with anyone that you want to be able to read it.


Password Protect a Word for Mac 2011 Document

The steps in this article will allow you to add a password to a document with the Word for Mac 2011 program. Anyone that tries to open the document will need to know the password that you set in the steps below.


Step 1: Open your document in Word for Mac 2011.


Step 2: Click Word at the top of the screen, then click Preferences.

click word, then click preferences



Step 3: Click the Security button at the bottom of the window.

click the security button



Step 4: Type the password that you want to require in order for anyone to open the document into the Password to open field, then click the OK button at the bottom of the window.

enter your password



Step 5: Type the password again into the Reenter password to open field, then click the OK button.

re-enter the password



Step 6: Save the document to apply your changes. The next time you or anyone attempts to open the document, you will get a prompt like in the image below before it can be viewed.

example of the password prompt for word for mac 2011



Do you need to send someone a PDF? You can save as a PDF in Word 2011 with just a couple of simple steps.

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