How to Turn Off Drag and Drop Editing in Word 2011 for Mac

When you are working in Word and Excel on a computer with a touchpad or a sensitive mouse, it’s very easy to accidentally select words and move them around. This happens because of a feature in Word that allows you to select something in the document, then drag that selection to a different location. While […]

How to Set 1-inch Margins in Word 2011

Document formatting can be a point of contention for many companies, schools, and publications, so knowing how to set up your documents to match those requirements is important knowledge to have. One common formatting requirement is related to the document margins, and a popular choice is to set all of the document margins at 1 […]

How to Add Sample Text in Word 2011 for Mac

Occasionally you will need to create a document for a project, but you will need to present an example of that document before you have actually had a chance to create it. Fortunately, rather than finding text to copy and paste, Word 2011 for Mac can create sample text to fill in the document very […]

How to Password Protect a Word for Mac 2011 Document

You will need to know how to password protect a Word for Mac 2011 document if you are creating something that contains sensitive information. This is a feature that is shared among most versions of Microsoft Word, such as Word 2013, and it is a good solution if you have a document that you only […]

How to Save as a PDF in Word 2011?

If you need to learn how to save as a PDF in Word 2011, then it is typically because you have someone that is specifically requesting that file type, or because you want to be able to add a feature to the document that you cannot get from Word 2011. The ability to save a […]

Can You Alphabetize in Word 2011?

Microsoft Word is a program with a lot of potential uses, and its’ wide variety of tools attempts to ensure that most any task that you need to perform can be accomplished. If you have a list of information and you are wondering if you can alphabetize it in Word 2011, then you will be […]

How to Set the Default Font in Word 2011

If you work for a large institution, or are attending a school with picky instructors, then there might be specific guidelines in place for documents that you create. These guidelines can include things like page numbering and spacing, and even specific fonts. One good way to make sure that you are always using the correct […]