iOS 17: How to Add a City to the Weather App on iPhone

Adding a city to your weather app on your iPhone running iOS 17 is a breeze! All you need to do is open the Weather app, tap the list icon to view all your locations, hit the + icon, search for the city you want to add, and voila! You’ve got the latest weather updates for your new city right at your fingertips.

You can also watch this video about how to add a city to the weather app on iPhone for more information.

Step by Step Tutorial: How to Add a City to Weather App on iPhone

Before we dive into the steps, it’s important to note that adding cities to your Weather app allows you to quickly check the weather in different locations right from your iPhone. This is especially handy if you’re planning a trip or keeping an eye on the weather in another city where friends or family live.

Step 1: Open the Weather app on your iPhone

Open the Weather app by tapping its icon on your home screen or searching for it in the search bar.

The Weather app is pre-installed on all iPhones, so you don’t need to download anything new. Its icon looks like a little sun behind a cloud.

Step 2: Tap the list icon in the bottom right corner

Tap the list icon, which looks like three lines with dots next to them, to see all the cities you have already added.

You’ll see a list of cities, with the temperatures and an icon representing the current weather conditions for each.

Step 3: Press the + icon in the top right corner

Tap the + icon in the top right corner of the screen to begin adding a new city.

This + icon is your gateway to adding any city you’d like to keep track of.

Step 4: Type the name of the city you want to add

Type the name of the city you want to add in the search bar that appears.

As you type, suggestions will appear below. You can tap on the correct one as soon as you see it.

Step 5: Tap on the correct city from the search results

Select the correct city from the search results to add it to your list.

Make sure you select the right city, especially if there are multiple cities with the same name in different states or countries.

After completing these steps, the new city will appear in your list of cities in the Weather app. You can now swipe up and down to view the weather in all your chosen locations.

Tips: Enhancing Your Experience with the Weather App on iPhone

  • Keep your list organized by editing and removing cities you no longer need.
  • Personalize your Weather app by reordering the cities in your list based on priority.
  • Utilize the Weather app’s built-in features, like the radar, to get a visual representation of the weather.
  • Remember that you can add cities from all over the world, not just your own country.
  • Check for updates to the Weather app to ensure you have the latest features and improvements.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many cities can I add to the Weather app on my iPhone?

You can add multiple cities to the Weather app; there is no set limit.

Feel free to add as many as you find necessary for your daily use or travel plans.

Can I see the weather forecast for the whole week in the Weather app?

Yes, the Weather app provides a 7-day forecast for each added city.

Just select the city from your list, and you’ll see the forecast underneath the current weather conditions.

Is it possible to view the weather in Celsius instead of Fahrenheit?

Yes, you can switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit in Settings.

Go to the Weather settings in the main iPhone settings menu, and you’ll find the option to switch between temperature units.

Does the Weather app require an internet connection?

The Weather app does require an internet connection to update the weather data.

Make sure you’re connected to Wi-Fi or have your mobile data turned on to receive the latest updates.

Can I use the Weather app on my iPad?

Yes, the Weather app is also available on the iPad with the same functionality.

Just follow the same steps to add cities to your Weather app on your iPad.


  1. Open the Weather app.
  2. Tap the list icon.
  3. Press the + icon.
  4. Type the city name.
  5. Select the city.


Congratulations! You’re now a pro at adding cities to the Weather app on your iPhone, thanks to iOS 17’s user-friendly interface. Whether you’re a traveler keeping an eye on the climates of your destinations or just someone who likes to stay informed on various regions’ weather, your iPhone’s Weather app is your go-to source for timely updates. Remember, staying connected and checking for app updates will enhance your experience and keep you ahead of any weather surprises. So, go ahead and customize your Weather app to suit your needs, and never let the weather catch you off guard again!

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