How to Stop Auto Playing Animated Images on iPhone 15: A Guide

To stop auto-playing animated images on your iPhone 15, you’ll need to adjust your settings. This quick fix can save you from unexpected distractions and possible embarrassment when GIFs and videos start playing without your consent. By following a few simple steps, you can gain control over what plays automatically on your device.

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Step by Step Tutorial: Stop Auto Playing Animated Images on iPhone 15

Before we start, these steps will guide you to turn off auto-play for animated images. This will help you save data, battery, and maintain your peace of mind when browsing.

Step 1: Open Settings

Open the Settings app on your iPhone 15.

Settings is the app with the gear icon. It’s where you can control everything about your iPhone, from brightness to volume, and, of course, auto-playing images.

Step 2: Scroll to Accessibility

Scroll down and tap on Accessibility.

Accessibility is a section that makes your iPhone easier to use. It’s not just for people with disabilities; it’s also where you can control motion settings, including the auto-play of images.

Step 3: Tap on Motion

Find and tap on the Motion option within Accessibility.

The Motion section is designed to reduce the amount of movement your iPhone displays. It’s also where you can control the automatic playing of images and videos.

Step 4: Toggle off Auto-Play Video Previews

Switch the toggle for Auto-Play Video Previews to the off position.

By turning off Auto-Play Video Previews, you are telling your iPhone not to play any moving images unless you explicitly tap on them. This includes those pesky GIFs that seem to start up all on their own.

After you complete the action, your iPhone will no longer auto-play those animated images. This means you can scroll through your apps and websites without videos and GIFs starting up by themselves. Not only does this save you from potentially embarrassing situations, but it can also save you some data and battery life.

Tips: Stop Auto Playing Animated Images on iPhone 15

  • Make sure your iOS is updated to the latest version for these settings to work properly.
  • If you want to save even more battery, consider enabling Low Power Mode.
  • Don’t forget that these changes apply to all apps, not just Safari or Mail.
  • You can always reverse these settings if you decide you want auto-play back.
  • Remember that stopping auto-play can also mean you’ll miss out on some content unless you manually play it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I update my iPhone?

If you update your iPhone, these settings should stay the same. However, it’s always a good idea to check and make sure after an update.

Will this affect my ability to play videos I want to watch?

No, you’ll still be able to play any video or GIF by tapping on it. This change just stops them from playing automatically.

Does this setting also stop auto-playing audio?

Yes, any video that would automatically play with sound will also be stopped with these settings.

Can I still use Live Photos with this setting turned off?

Yes, Live Photos are not affected by these settings. You can still view and interact with them as normal.

Will this affect ads that play video automatically?

Yes, this will also stop auto-playing video ads within apps and on websites.


  1. Open Settings
  2. Scroll to Accessibility
  3. Tap on Motion
  4. Toggle off Auto-Play Video Previews


Animated images and videos auto-playing on your iPhone 15 can be a nuisance, but with a few tweaks in the settings, you can put an end to it. Not only will stopping auto-play save you from potential distractions and awkward situations, but it will also conserve your data usage and battery life. Always remember to keep your iOS updated to ensure these settings work effectively. If you ever want to revert to auto-playing images, the option is just a few taps away in the same settings. Take control of your iPhone experience and enjoy browsing without interruption. How to stop auto playing animated images on iPhone 15 should no longer be a perplexing question for you.

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