How to Silence Unknown Callers on Android: Step-by-Step Guide

Are you tired of getting calls from unknown numbers that you’d rather not answer? Well, if you’re an Android user, there’s a simple solution to silence those unwanted calls. By following a few easy steps, you can set your phone to automatically silence calls from numbers not in your contacts list. Let’s dive in and find out how to get some peace from those pesky unknown callers.

How to Silence Unknown Callers on Android

Before we get into the nitty-gritty, let’s quickly overview what we’ll be doing. We’re going to adjust your Android phone’s settings so that any calls from numbers not saved in your contacts will be silenced. This means your phone won’t ring, but you’ll still see missed calls in your call log if an unknown number tries to reach you.

Step 1: Open the Phone App

Open the Phone app on your Android device.

The Phone app is typically located on the home screen or in the app drawer. It’s the app you use to make calls, and it usually has a phone or receiver icon.

Step 2: Access Settings

Tap on the three dots in the top-right corner of the app and select ‘Settings’ from the dropdown menu.

These three dots are often referred to as the “more options” button, and it’s your gateway to customizing your call experience.

Step 3: Select ‘Blocked Numbers’

Scroll down and tap on ‘Blocked numbers’.

This section allows you to control which numbers are allowed to call you and which aren’t.

Step 4: Enable ‘Unknown Callers’

Toggle on the option that says ‘Block calls from unidentified callers’.

By enabling this feature, you’re telling your phone to automatically silence calls from numbers that aren’t in your contacts.

After you complete these steps, any calls from unknown numbers will go straight to voicemail without ringing. You’ll still be able to see missed calls from these numbers in your call log, and you can always turn off this setting if you’re expecting a call from a new number.

Tips for Silencing Unknown Callers

  • Keep your contacts list updated, so important calls don’t get silenced by accident.
  • Check your voicemail regularly, in case a legitimate call gets blocked.
  • If you’re expecting an important call from an unknown number, temporarily disable this feature.
  • Remember that some legitimate calls, like from doctors’ offices or delivery services, may come from unknown numbers.
  • You can always block individual numbers if you continue to receive unwanted calls from the same number.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens to blocked calls?

Calls from blocked numbers go straight to voicemail without your phone ringing.

Will I still see missed calls from unknown numbers?

Yes, you’ll see missed calls from unknown numbers in your call log.

Can I unblock numbers later?

Absolutely, you can unblock numbers at any time by accessing the same settings.

Does this feature also block text messages?

No, this only silences calls. You’ll still receive text messages from unknown numbers.

Will emergency services be able to reach me?

Yes, emergency services numbers are always allowed through, regardless of your settings.


  1. Open the Phone app.
  2. Access Settings.
  3. Select ‘Blocked Numbers’.
  4. Enable ‘Unknown Callers’.


Silencing unknown callers on your Android device is a fantastic way to reduce the number of interruptions you face throughout the day. Whether you’re in a meeting, enjoying quality time with family and friends, or simply relaxing, knowing that only your contacts can reach you can be quite liberating. Of course, there’s always the question of missing an important call from an unknown number, but with voicemail and the ability to see missed calls, you can rest easy.

Take a moment to review your contacts and ensure they’re up to date, as this will help prevent any important calls from being silenced. Also, consider the tips provided to maximize the benefits of this feature without missing crucial communications. And if you ever find yourself expecting a call from a new number, remember that silencing unknown callers on Android is easily reversible.

In today’s world, where our attention is constantly pulled in different directions, managing who can reach us and when is more important than ever. By taking control of your phone’s call settings, you’re one step closer to a more peaceful and focused daily routine. So go ahead, give it a try, and enjoy the silence.

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