How to See Speaker Notes on iPad Google Slides: A Step-by-Step Guide

Seeing speaker notes on your iPad while using Google Slides can make your presentations run smoother. Here’s how you can do it: Simply open your Google Slides app, start your presentation, and access the speaker notes view to see your cues while presenting. This way, you can keep your audience engaged without losing track of your main points.

Step-by-Step Tutorial: How to See Speaker Notes on iPad Google Slides

Below are the clear, step-by-step instructions on how to see speaker notes on your iPad while using Google Slides.

Step 1: Open Google Slides App

First, open the Google Slides app on your iPad.

Ensure you’ve already downloaded and installed the app from the App Store. If not, search for “Google Slides” and install it.

Step 2: Select Your Presentation

Next, find and select the presentation you want to view.

Make sure you know the name of your file. You can scroll through your recent files or use the search function to locate it quickly.

Step 3: Tap the Present Button

Now, tap the Present button at the top-right corner of your screen.

This will start your presentation. You’ll see your slides in full-screen mode.

Step 4: Access Menu

After starting the presentation, tap the screen to bring up the menu.

This will display several options, allowing you to control your presentation.

Step 5: Tap the Speaker Notes Icon

Finally, tap the speaker notes icon, which looks like a speech bubble.

This will open the speaker notes pane, allowing you to see your notes while presenting. The notes will be visible only to you, not to your audience.

Once you’ve done these steps, you should be able to see your speaker notes on your iPad while presenting your Google Slides. This feature helps you keep track of your talking points and deliver a more polished presentation.

Tips for Using Speaker Notes on iPad Google Slides

  • Prepare Your Notes in Advance: Write detailed notes that highlight key points and transitions.
  • Practice with Notes: Rehearse your presentation with the speaker notes to get comfortable.
  • Keep it Simple: Avoid long paragraphs and use bullet points for easy reading.
  • Backup Your Presentation: Ensure your presentation is saved and backed up in Google Drive.
  • Familiarize with the Interface: Spend some time getting used to the Google Slides interface on your iPad.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I edit speaker notes on my iPad?

Yes, you can edit your speaker notes directly from the Google Slides app on your iPad.

Do speaker notes appear to the audience?

No, speaker notes are only visible to you and not to your audience during the presentation.

Can I see speaker notes in landscape mode?

Yes, you can see your speaker notes whether your iPad is in portrait or landscape mode.

What if I don’t see the speaker notes icon?

Ensure that your Google Slides app is updated to the latest version to access all features.

Can I use speaker notes in offline mode?

No, you need to be online to access your speaker notes in Google Slides.

Summary of Steps

  1. Open Google Slides App
  2. Select Your Presentation
  3. Tap the Present Button
  4. Access Menu
  5. Tap the Speaker Notes Icon


In conclusion, knowing how to see speaker notes on your iPad using Google Slides can truly enhance your presentation skills. By following the simple steps outlined, you can keep your audience engaged and ensure you stay on track with your main points. Remember, preparation and familiarity with the interface are key to utilizing this feature effectively. If you found this guide helpful, why not check out other articles on mastering Google Slides? Dive deeper into how to create engaging presentations and explore different features that can make your next presentation a hit. Happy presenting!