How to Search for Cards You Don’t Own in MTG Arena

MTG Arena is a great way for you to play Magic the Gathering from home. It offers many ways to acquire cards, many of which won’t require you to spend any money.

But there are a lot of cards available in MTG Arena, and you may be noticing that it’s only showing you ones you already own.

Fortunately, it is possible for you to also search for cards that you don’t own if you are building a deck and either want to use wildcards to craft new cards, or if you simply want to see some more available options that fit certain search parameters.

Our tutorial below will show you how to add a filter that lets you search for cards that aren’t already in your collection.

How to Add the Not Collected Filter When Searching Cards in MTG Arena

The steps in this article will show you how to find a card if you don’t yet own a copy of it. This is useful if you want to use a wildcard to create a card, or if you want to see available cards that meet a certain search criteria if you don’t have a copy.

Step 1: Launch MTG Arena.

Step 2: Click the Decks tab at the top of the window.

how to search for unowned cards in mtg arena

Step 3: select the Collection option at the bottom-left of the window.

mtg arena how to craft cards if you don't own one yet

Step 4: Click the Advanced Filters button in the toolbar above the card window.

mtg arena add unowned cards to search

Step 5: Choose the Not Collected button.

how to search for not collected cards mtg arena

You can then click outside of the Advanced Filters window (I usually click in the space below it) to return to the card search interface.

Now that you know how to search for cards you don’t know in MTG Arena, you can use this feature while planning or building decks in the application.

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