How to Block Incoming Friend Requests in MTG Arena

The steps in this article are going to show you how to change a setting in MTG Arena so that any friend requests you receive will be blocked automatically. Open MTG Arena. Select the gear icon at the top-right of the screen. Choose the Account option. Check the box to the left of Block Incoming […]

How to Search for Cards You Don’t Own in MTG Arena

MTG Arena is a great way for you to play Magic the Gathering from home. It offers many ways to acquire cards, many of which won’t require you to spend any money. But there are a lot of cards available in MTG Arena, and you may be noticing that it’s only showing you ones you […]

How to Turn Off Shadows in MTG Arena

Magic’ the Gathering’s Arena program is a fun way to play Magic the Gathering from your home. But the application can be a little resource-intensive, especially after it’s been running for a while, and you may notice that it’s lagging a bit when you play in on your computer. One change that you might be […]

How to Concede a Match in Magic the Gathering Arena

Sometimes when you are playing a game of Magic, you might reach a point where you want to end the game. Whether something in your schedule has come up that requires you to leave, or the game is essentially over, although there are still turns left to play, there are many reasons why you might […]