How to Reply to a Single Person in iPhone Group MMS: A Step-by-Step Guide

Have you ever been caught in an iPhone group MMS and wanted to respond to just one person without alerting everyone? It’s a common scenario, whether it’s to clarify something said, share a private comment, or simply avoid group spam. Well, good news! You can reply to a single person in an iPhone group MMS with just a few taps.

Step by Step Tutorial on How to Reply to a Single Person in iPhone Group MMS

Before diving into the steps, let’s clarify what we’re about to do. Replying to a single person in a group MMS will allow you to send a message to just that individual, rather than to the entire group. This is particularly useful when you want to have a side conversation without leaving the group chat.

Step 1: Open the Group MMS

Open the group MMS conversation from your iPhone’s Messages app.
In this step, you want to find the group MMS that you’re a part of. This is where all the messages from different people in the group are visible.

Step 2: Find the person’s message

Scroll through the conversation and find a message from the person you want to reply to.
Once you’ve located a message from the person you wish to respond to privately, you’re ready for the next step.

Step 3: Press and hold the message

Press and hold on the specific message from the individual.
A small menu will pop up after you’ve held down on the message. This menu is the gateway to responding directly to that person.

Step 4: Tap ‘More…’

From the pop-up menu, tap the ‘More…’ option.
Tapping ‘More…’ will take you to a screen with several options. You want to look for the option that says “Send Message.”

Step 5: Tap ‘Send Message’

After tapping ‘More…’, select ‘Send Message’ to start a private conversation.
This step will open a new message screen where you can compose your reply to that single person. The message you respond to will appear as a quote in your new chat, making it clear what you’re referencing.

After completing these steps, you’ll have successfully sent a message to just one person in the group MMS. They will receive your message as a direct, individual message, separate from the group MMS.

Tips for Replying to a Single Person in iPhone Group MMS

  • Always double-check that you’ve selected the correct message before replying privately.
  • If you want to continue the conversation privately, consider starting a new direct message thread instead of replying within the group MMS.
  • Remember that replying privately does not remove you from the group MMS; you will still receive all other messages from the group.
  • Be cautious and make sure that sensitive or private information is not sent to the group MMS by mistake.
  • If you frequently need to reply to individuals privately, consider creating separate group chats with fewer people to minimize confusion.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I press the wrong message while trying to reply to a single person?

If you press the wrong message, you might end up replying to the wrong person. Always take a second to confirm you’ve selected the correct message before proceeding.

Can I use this method to reply to multiple specific people at once?

No, this method only allows you to reply to one person at a time. If you need to reply to multiple people, you’ll need to repeat the process or create a new group MMS.

Will the other people in the group MMS know that I replied to someone privately?

No, the rest of the group will not be notified when you reply to an individual privately.

Is this feature available for SMS or only for MMS?

This feature is available for both SMS and MMS group conversations on iPhone.

Can I use this feature on other messaging apps like WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger?

No, this tutorial is specific to the iPhone’s Messages app. Other messaging apps have their own methods for private replies within groups.


  1. Open the Group MMS
  2. Find the person’s message
  3. Press and hold the message
  4. Tap ‘More…’
  5. Tap ‘Send Message’


As you can see, replying to a single person in an iPhone group MMS is straightforward. It allows for private conversations without leaving the main group chat, which is particularly handy for quick clarifications or when you want to share something privately. This feature, exclusive to iPhone’s Messages app, enhances the way we communicate by providing us with options to control our conversations better.

It’s important to note that while this feature is incredibly useful, it should be used responsibly, especially when it involves sensitive information. The next time you find yourself in an overwhelming group chat, remember, you have the power to take control of who you converse with. Keep these steps and tips in mind, and you’ll be a pro at navigating iPhone group MMS.

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