How to Print to PDF on iPad: A Step-by-Step Guide for Easy Printing

Printing to PDF on an iPad is quite simple. You can do it directly from most apps by using the share or print options, which then allow you to save your document as a PDF. This is handy for archiving documents or sharing them in a universally readable format.

How to Print to PDF on iPad

The steps below will guide you on converting any document or webpage to a PDF file using your iPad. Whether you’re using Safari, Mail, or any other app with a print function, these steps will help you save your files as PDFs quickly and easily.

Step 1: Open the Document or Webpage

First, launch the app containing the document or webpage you want to convert to PDF.

For example, if you’re trying to convert a webpage, open Safari and navigate to that page. If it’s an email, open the Mail app and select the email.

Step 2: Access the Share Menu

Next, tap the Share button, usually represented by a square with an upward arrow.

This will open a menu with various sharing options. Don’t worry if it looks overwhelming; you’ll only use one or two of these options for this task.

Step 3: Choose Print

From the Share menu, scroll down and select the Print option.

This may seem odd because you’re not actually printing anything on paper. However, this step is crucial to accessing the PDF creation feature.

Step 4: Pinch Out on the Print Preview

Once the print preview opens, use a two-finger pinch-out gesture on the preview image of your document.

This gesture will expand the preview into a full-screen PDF view, enabling you to see the entire document as a PDF.

Step 5: Share or Save the PDF

Finally, tap the Share button again in the top right corner of the PDF view, and choose how you want to save or share the PDF.

You can save it to Files, send it via email, or even add it to a cloud storage service like iCloud or Dropbox.

After completing these steps, you’ll have a PDF version of your document or webpage saved on your iPad, ready to share or archive as needed.

Tips for Printing to PDF on iPad

  • Check Compatibility: Ensure the app you’re using supports the Share or Print feature.
  • File Management: Save your PDFs in a well-organized folder for easy access later.
  • Use Cloud Storage: Utilize cloud services like iCloud or Dropbox for seamless file sharing and backup.
  • Annotate PDFs: Use apps like Adobe Acrobat or Apple’s Markup tool to annotate your PDFs.
  • Regular Updates: Keep your iPad and apps updated to avoid compatibility issues with the print-to-PDF feature.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I print to PDF from any app on my iPad?

Most apps that support printing should allow you to print to PDF, but some may not. Always check the Share or Print menu to see if the option is available.

Do I need any special apps to print to PDF?

No, the built-in iOS functions allow you to print to PDF without needing third-party apps.

Can I edit the PDF after creating it?

Yes, you can use apps like Adobe Acrobat Reader or Apple’s Markup tool to annotate or edit your PDF.

Where do I find my saved PDFs?

You can find saved PDFs in the Files app under the location you chose to save them, such as iCloud Drive or On My iPad.

Is the quality of the PDF good?

Yes, the quality of the PDF is generally excellent and retains the formatting of the original document.


  1. Open the document or webpage.
  2. Access the Share menu.
  3. Choose Print.
  4. Pinch out on the print preview.
  5. Share or save the PDF.


Printing to PDF on an iPad is a straightforward process that can be accomplished in just a few taps. This feature is incredibly useful for converting emails, web pages, and documents into a portable, universally readable format. Whether you’re a student wanting to save notes, a professional needing to archive emails, or someone who loves to keep things organized, this method has got you covered.

Remember, technology is supposed to make our lives easier. By mastering this simple skill, you’ll save time and reduce the hassle of dealing with various file formats. So go ahead, give it a try, and streamline your digital workflow. Once you’ve got the hang of it, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it.