How to Not Show When Text Is Read on an iPhone: A Step-by-Step Guide

To not show when a text is read on an iPhone, go to Settings, scroll down to Messages, and toggle off “Send Read Receipts.” This will prevent senders from knowing when you have read their message.

After you complete this action, people who send you messages will not receive a notification that you have read their message. Instead, it will only show that the message has been delivered.


Have you ever been in a situation where you read a text message and immediately regretted it because you weren’t ready to respond? Or maybe you wanted to maintain some privacy and not let the sender know you’ve seen their message? Well, you’re not alone. Many iPhone users find themselves in this predicament. Whether it’s to avoid an awkward conversation or simply to maintain control over your communication, there’s a growing need for iPhone users to understand how to manage their read receipts.

The “read” status can sometimes create unnecessary pressure to respond immediately, leading to rushed or insincere communication. This article is for those who value their privacy and prefer to control when to engage in a conversation. It’s especially relevant for teenagers who are often bombarded with messages and feel the pressure to respond instantly, or for professionals who need to manage their communication efficiently. Let’s dive into how you can turn off read receipts and keep your message reading status to yourself.

Step by Step Tutorial: Turning Off Read Receipts on iPhone

Before we get into the steps, it’s important to know that turning off read receipts will affect all conversations in the Messages app. This setting won’t apply to third-party messaging apps like WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger.

Step 1: Open Settings

Navigate to the Settings app on your iPhone.

Step 2: Scroll to Messages

Scroll down until you find the Messages option and tap on it.

Step 3: Toggle off “Send Read Receipts”

Find the “Send Read Receipts” option and toggle the switch to the off position.

By turning off the “Send Read Receipts” feature, you’re taking control of your privacy. You can now read messages on your own time without the pressure of the sender knowing you’ve seen their text.


PrivacyBy turning off read receipts, you maintain your privacy. You can read messages at your leisure without feeling obligated to respond immediately.
ControlYou have better control over your conversations. It gives you the freedom to engage in a conversation when you’re ready.
Reduced PressureFor those who feel anxious about responding to texts, turning off read receipts can reduce this pressure and improve your overall messaging experience.


PerceptionSome people might perceive turning off read receipts as rude or dismissive. It could potentially lead to misunderstandings in your relationships.
ReciprocityIf you appreciate knowing when others have read your messages, turning off read receipts means you can’t expect the same courtesy from them.
EmergenciesIn urgent situations, read receipts can be helpful to know if someone has seen an important message. Turning them off could lead to delays in communication.

Additional Information

When considering whether to turn off read receipts on your iPhone, it’s essential to weigh the pros and cons based on your personal and professional needs. Some people find it liberating, while others might face criticism for opting out of this feature. Additionally, keep in mind that even if you disable read receipts, certain details like delivery status and typing indicators can still provide clues to the sender about your activity.

If you’re interested in a middle-ground solution, some messaging apps allow you to turn off read receipts for individual conversations rather than a blanket setting. That way, you can choose which conversations to apply this privacy setting to. Always remember to respect others’ preferences as well, and be mindful of how this change might affect your communication dynamics.


  1. Open Settings on your iPhone.
  2. Scroll to Messages.
  3. Toggle off “Send Read Receipts.”

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I turn off read receipts?

Your contacts will not be notified when you read their messages; they will only see a delivery status.

Can I turn off read receipts for just one contact?

No, the iPhone’s native settings apply to all contacts. However, some third-party apps offer individual privacy settings.

Will turning off read receipts affect my text delivery?

No, it only affects the read status; your texts will be delivered as usual.

Does disabling read receipts also disable delivery notifications?

No, you’ll still receive delivery notifications when a message has been successfully sent.

Can I still see when others read my texts?

Yes, if others have not turned off their read receipts, you’ll still see when they read your messages.


In the age of constant connectivity, taking control of when and how you engage with messages on your iPhone is crucial for maintaining your peace of mind. Turning off read receipts is a simple yet effective way to assert your privacy and manage your communication on your terms. Whether you’re a student, professional, or just someone who values a bit of mystery, this feature empowers you to navigate your digital interactions without the added pressure of immediate responses.

Remember, while this setting can be beneficial, it’s important to consider the impact it may have on your relationships and communication style. So, the next time you find yourself hesitating to open a message, consider giving yourself the freedom to choose when to show when a text is read on your iPhone.

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