How to Make Keyboard Appear on iPad: A Step-by-Step Guide

So, you’ve got an iPad and you’re trying to make the keyboard appear? No problem! It’s super easy. All you have to do is tap on a text field, and the on-screen keyboard should pop right up. If it doesn’t, there might be a few settings you need to check, but don’t worry—we’ll go through all of that.

How to Make Keyboard Appear on iPad

The following steps will guide you through making the keyboard appear on your iPad, ensuring you can type away without any issues.

Step 1: Tap on a Text Field

Identify a text field and tap on it.

When you tap on a text field—like in Safari’s search bar, Notes, or a messaging app—the on-screen keyboard should automatically appear. This is the most common and straightforward way to get the keyboard to show up.

Step 2: Check for Keyboard Settings

Go to Settings > General > Keyboard to check if the keyboard is enabled.

Sometimes, the keyboard may not appear due to certain settings. Head over to the Settings app, select General, and then Keyboard. Make sure all the necessary options like “Enable Keyboards” are turned on.

Step 3: Restart Your iPad

Hold the power button and swipe to power off, then turn your iPad back on.

If you’re still having trouble, try restarting your device. Sometimes a simple reboot can fix minor glitches, including keyboard issues.

Step 4: Update Your iOS

Go to Settings > General > Software Update to ensure your iPad is up to date.

Outdated software might be the culprit. Ensure your iPad is running the latest version of iOS by checking for updates in the Settings app.

Step 5: Disconnect External Keyboards

Disconnect any Bluetooth keyboards you might have connected.

If you have an external keyboard connected via Bluetooth, it might be overriding the on-screen keyboard. Disconnect it by going to Settings > Bluetooth and turning off Bluetooth or forgetting the device.

Once you’ve completed these steps, your on-screen keyboard should appear whenever you need to type. It’s really that simple!

Tips for Making Keyboard Appear on iPad

  • Restart Regularly: Sometimes, simply restarting your iPad can solve lots of minor issues, including keyboard troubles.
  • Stay Updated: Keep your iPad’s software up to date to avoid any compatibility issues.
  • Check App Settings: Some apps have their own keyboard settings that might interfere with the on-screen keyboard.
  • External Keyboards: Make sure no external keyboard is connected if you want the on-screen keyboard to appear.
  • Reset Settings: If all else fails, you can reset your iPad’s settings by going to Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Settings. This won’t delete your data, but it will reset system settings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why isn’t my keyboard appearing when I tap a text field?

Sometimes, settings might interfere, or an external keyboard might be connected. Check your settings and disconnect any external keyboards.

How do I enable the on-screen keyboard again?

Go to Settings > General > Keyboard and make sure all necessary options are turned on.

Will resetting my iPad fix the keyboard issue?

It can. Resetting often resolves minor glitches. Try restarting first, though.

Does updating iOS affect my keyboard?

Yes, updating iOS can fix bugs that might be causing keyboard issues.

Can I use both on-screen and external keyboards?

Yes, but the on-screen keyboard won’t appear if an external one is connected.


  1. Tap on a Text Field: Locate and tap a text field.
  2. Check for Keyboard Settings: Ensure keyboard settings are enabled.
  3. Restart Your iPad: Turn it off and on again.
  4. Update Your iOS: Check for software updates.
  5. Disconnect External Keyboards: Remove any connected keyboards.


Making the keyboard appear on your iPad should be a breeze now that you’ve gone through these steps. It’s usually just a matter of tapping on a text field, but if that doesn’t work, there are a few other tricks you can try, like checking your settings or restarting your iPad.

Keeping your device updated is also crucial, as software updates can fix bugs that might be causing your keyboard to act up. If you’ve got an external keyboard connected, remember it might override the on-screen one, so disconnect it if needed.

Still facing issues? Don’t stress—resetting settings can often be a lifesaver without affecting your data. Now that you’re armed with all this info, go ahead and type away!

For further reading, you might want to check out Apple’s support page on keyboard issues or forums where users share their solutions. Happy typing!

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