How to Lock Apps on iPhone 15: A Step-by-Step Guide

Locking apps on your iPhone 15 is a way to keep your personal information secure and prevent unauthorized access to your apps. It’s a simple process that involves using the Screen Time feature to set a passcode for specific apps. After reading this brief overview, you should have a general idea of how to lock apps on your iPhone 15.

Step by Step Tutorial: How to Lock Apps on iPhone 15

Before we dive into the steps, it’s important to understand that locking apps on your iPhone 15 is done through the Screen Time feature. This feature not only allows you to track the amount of time spent on your apps but also lets you set limits and lock apps.

Step 1: Open Settings

Tap the Settings icon on your iPhone 15 to begin.

Opening Settings is your gateway to customizing your iPhone 15. From here, you can adjust everything from your wallpaper to privacy settings.

Step 2: Tap Screen Time

Scroll down and select the Screen Time option.

Screen Time is where you can monitor your app usage and set downtime for your apps, which is helpful for managing screen time and maintaining digital wellness.

Step 3: Set Up Screen Time

If you haven’t already, set up Screen Time by following the on-screen instructions.

Setting up Screen Time involves creating a passcode that you’ll use to approve changes to these settings or to allow more time when limits are reached.

Step 4: Tap App Limits

Once Screen Time is set up, tap on App Limits to add a new limit.

App Limits is the feature that lets you set daily time limits for app categories. This is where you’ll begin the process to lock individual apps.

Step 5: Add Limit

Tap the Add Limit button to start locking apps.

When you add a limit, you can choose to lock an entire category of apps or select individual apps to lock.

Step 6: Choose Apps to Lock

Select the apps you wish to lock and tap Next.

You can lock any app on your iPhone 15, whether it’s a social media app, a game, or a productivity tool.

Step 7: Set Time and Tap Add

Set the time to one minute and tap Add on the upper right corner.

By setting the time to one minute, the app will be locked almost immediately after you open it, requiring a passcode to continue using it.

After completing these steps, the selected apps will be locked. Whenever you try to open one of these apps, you’ll be prompted to enter your Screen Time passcode.

Tips for Locking Apps on iPhone 15

  • Make sure to remember the Screen Time passcode you set up. If you forget it, you’ll have a hard time changing the settings or unlocking your apps.
  • Consider locking apps that contain sensitive information or those that you want to limit your usage of, like social media or games.
  • You can customize the amount of time for each app if you want to allow brief usage without entering the passcode.
  • Don’t share your Screen Time passcode with others if you don’t want them to have the ability to unlock your apps.
  • Regularly review your app locks to ensure they still align with your privacy and productivity goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I lock individual apps without affecting others?

Yes, you can select specific apps to lock without setting limits on other apps.

What happens if I forget my Screen Time passcode?

You may need to reset your device or contact Apple Support if you forget your Screen Time passcode.

Can I still receive notifications from locked apps?

Yes, you will still receive notifications unless you have turned them off in your notification settings.

Is there a way to temporarily override the app lock?

You can enter your Screen Time passcode to override the lock and use the app.

Will locking apps affect their functionality?

No, locking apps does not affect their functionality. It simply requires a passcode to access them.


  1. Open Settings
  2. Tap Screen Time
  3. Set Up Screen Time
  4. Tap App Limits
  5. Add Limit
  6. Choose Apps to Lock
  7. Set Time and Tap Add


Locking apps on your iPhone 15 is a great way to protect your privacy and manage your screen time. With the built-in Screen Time feature, it’s easy to set limits and require a passcode to access certain apps. Whether you’re trying to focus on work, limit your social media intake, or keep sensitive information away from prying eyes, app locking can help. Remember, the key is to choose a passcode that you’ll remember but others won’t easily guess. Happy app locking, and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your personal data is secure on your iPhone 15.