How to Enlarge Text on iPhone 15: A Step-by-Step Guide

Struggling to read the tiny text on your iPhone 15? Fear not! Enlarging text on your device is a simple process that can be done in just a few taps. After reading this quick overview, you’ll be able to comfortably read your texts, emails, and other content without squinting.

After you complete the action of enlarging text on your iPhone 15, you’ll immediately notice the difference. Text within apps, on the web, and throughout the system will appear larger and easier to read. This can greatly enhance your user experience, reducing eye strain and making your device more accessible.


Have you ever found yourself squinting at your phone screen trying to make out what’s written? Or perhaps you’ve had to reach for your reading glasses just to send a text message? If you’re an iPhone 15 user, you’re in luck because Apple has included features that make text easier to read for everyone.

Enlarging text on your iPhone isn’t just a convenience—it’s a necessity for many. With the world going digital, we’re constantly reading off screens. This can be a challenge for people with visual impairments or those who simply find smaller text uncomfortable to read. Whether you’re young with perfect vision or older with presbyopic tendencies, being able to adjust the text size to your liking is crucial for a comfortable and prolonged use of your device. Let’s dive into how you can do just that.

Step by Step Tutorial to Enlarge Text on iPhone 15

Before we get into the steps, it’s important to note that enlarging text on your iPhone 15 will affect most apps and system features, making it easier for you to navigate your phone.

Step 1: Open Settings

To get started, open the “Settings” app on your iPhone 15.

The Settings app is your gateway to customize your iPhone experience. Here, you can adjust preferences for everything from your wallpaper to your privacy settings.

Step 2: Tap on Display & Brightness

Scroll down and tap on the “Display & Brightness” option.

This section contains settings that affect your iPhone’s visual output, like adjusting your screen’s brightness or changing its color temperature.

Step 3: Select Text Size

In the Display & Brightness settings, look for the “Text Size” option and tap on it.

You’re now one step closer to making your iPhone’s text more readable. The Text Size feature is incredibly useful for individuals who prefer larger text.

Step 4: Adjust the Text Size Slider

You’ll see a slider that you can drag to adjust the text size. Slide it to the right to increase the text size.

As you drag the slider, you’ll see a preview of how the text size will appear. This lets you find the perfect size for your reading comfort.


Enhanced ReadabilityEnlarging text can make reading on your iPhone 15 much easier, especially if you have a visual impairment or simply prefer larger text.
Reduced Eye StrainLarger text means less squinting, which can help reduce eye strain from prolonged use of your device.
AccessibilityThe ability to enlarge text is an important accessibility feature, making your iPhone 15 more user-friendly for everyone.


Screen SpaceLarger text takes up more screen space, which means less content is visible at once and may require more scrolling.
Aesthetic DisruptionEnlarging text may disrupt the intended design and layout of certain apps, leading to a less visually appealing user interface.
Limited App SupportNot all apps may support the enlarged text feature, leading to inconsistency in text size across different apps on your iPhone 15.

Additional Information

While the steps above will help you enlarge the text on your iPhone 15, it’s worth noting some additional tips and insights. For one, if you need text to be even larger or smaller than the standard settings allow, you can delve into the Accessibility options in your Settings and tap on “Larger Text.” Here, you can enable “Larger Accessibility Sizes” for even more flexibility.

It’s also important to consider that while most apps will support the new text size, some third-party apps may not. So, if you’re using an app and the text hasn’t changed, check the app’s own settings or reach out to the app’s developer for support. Remember, personalizing your device should not compromise your comfort or the functionality of the apps you love. Enlarging text on your iPhone 15 is one of the many ways Apple ensures its devices can be tailored to fit the needs of all users.


  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Tap on Display & Brightness.
  3. Select Text Size.
  4. Adjust the text size slider to your preference.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will enlarging text affect all apps on my iPhone 15?

Most of the native apps and many third-party apps will support the new text size settings.

Can I make text even larger than the maximum setting in Text Size?

Yes, by enabling “Larger Accessibility Sizes” in your Accessibility settings, you can access even larger text options.

Will all websites support enlarged text on my iPhone 15?

Most websites should respond to your text size settings, but some may not due to the way they’re designed.

Can I adjust the text size for only specific apps?

In most cases, text size adjustments will apply system-wide, but some apps may have their own text size settings within the app.

Does changing the text size affect battery life on iPhone 15?

No, changing the text size should not have any noticeable impact on your iPhone’s battery life.


In conclusion, enlarging the text on your iPhone 15 can greatly enhance your user experience. It’s a simple task that can be done in just a few steps, making your device more accessible and comfortable to use.

Whether you’re adjusting the text size for readability, accessibility, or personal preference, the iPhone’s built-in features make it easy to customize your display to suit your needs. So, go ahead and give your eyes a break—your iPhone 15 has you covered.

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