How to Double Space in Google Docs: A Step-by-Step Guide

Doubling the space between lines in Google Docs can make your document easier to read and more professional-looking. Here’s a quick overview of how to do it: Open your document, go to the Format menu, select Line spacing, then choose Double. And just like that, you’ve got a double-spaced document! Simple, right?

Step by Step Tutorial: Double Spacing in Google Docs

Before we dive into the steps, it’s important to understand that double spacing refers to the amount of space between lines of text. It’s a common requirement for academic papers and other formal documents. By following these steps, you’ll be able to set your document’s line spacing to double with just a few clicks.

Step 1: Open your Google Doc

Open the document you want to double space.

When you open your Google Doc, make sure you’re logged into the correct account, especially if you’re using a shared computer or have multiple Google accounts.

Step 2: Click on the Format menu

Look for the Format menu at the top of the page and click on it.

The Format menu is located in the toolbar at the top of your Google Doc, alongside other options like File, Edit, and View.

Step 3: Select Line spacing

In the dropdown menu, choose the Line spacing option.

Line spacing is the fourth option from the top in the Format dropdown menu. Hovering over it will reveal additional spacing options.

Step 4: Choose Double

From the Line spacing options, select Double.

Double spacing will immediately apply to your entire document unless you have specific text highlighted, in which case, it will only apply to that selection.

After completing these steps, your Google Doc will have double the space between each line of text. This can make your document appear more organized and easier to read, especially if it’s text-heavy.

Tips for Double Spacing in Google Docs

  • If you’re working on an academic paper, check with your instructor to ensure double spacing is the correct format.
  • You can also use custom spacing if double spacing doesn’t meet your needs. Just select Custom spacing from the Line spacing dropdown menu.
  • Remember that double spacing applies to the entire document unless you highlight specific text to apply it to.
  • Use keyboard shortcuts to save time. After highlighting the text, press Ctrl + 2 (on Windows) or Command + 2 (on Mac) to double space.
  • If you’re collaborating with others on a document, let them know you’ve changed the spacing so they can adjust their contributions accordingly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does double spacing in Google Docs apply to paragraphs as well?

Double spacing affects the space between lines within a paragraph, not the space between separate paragraphs.

Can I double space a specific section of my document?

Yes, you can. Highlight the text you want to double space, then follow the same steps for double spacing.

Will double spacing affect the formatting of my bullet points and numbered lists?

Double spacing will also apply to lists, increasing the space between each item.

Can I set double spacing as my default for all new Google Docs?

As of now, there’s no way to set double spacing as the default for new documents. You’ll need to change it manually for each new document.

If I share my document with someone, will they see it as double spaced too?

Yes, once you’ve applied double spacing to your document, anyone with access to the doc will see the double spacing.


  1. Open your Google Doc
  2. Click on the Format menu
  3. Select Line spacing
  4. Choose Double


Mastering the art of double spacing in Google Docs is a valuable skill that can significantly enhance the readability and professionalism of your documents. Whether you’re a student, educator, or professional, understanding how to adjust line spacing is essential. The steps outlined above provide a straightforward method to achieve the desired double spacing, making your documents easier on the eyes and more aligned with formal writing standards.

Remember, while double spacing is a common requirement, it’s not always the go-to for every document. Always consider the purpose of your text and the preferences of your audience or institution. Moreover, familiarizing yourself with other formatting tools in Google Docs will only expand your capabilities as a proficient user of the platform.

Keep practicing, and soon enough, you’ll be able to maneuver through these formatting options with ease and confidence. For further exploration, Google Docs offers a plethora of other features and tools that can help elevate your documents to new heights. So go on, double space to your heart’s content, and discover even more ways to make your work stand out!

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