How to Change App Icons on iPad: A Step-by-Step Customization Guide

Changing app icons on an iPad isn’t as complicated as it sounds. By using the Shortcuts app, you can replace your existing app icons with new ones, giving your iPad a fresh look. This guide will walk you through creating custom icons and applying them to your home screen.

How to Change App Icons on iPad

In this section, you’ll learn how to use the Shortcuts app to change app icons on your iPad. Follow these steps to create a customized home screen that represents your style.

Step 1: Open the Shortcuts App

First, open the Shortcuts app on your iPad.

The Shortcuts app is a powerful tool that lets you automate tasks and customize your iPad experience. If you don’t already have it, you can download it from the App Store.

Step 2: Create a New Shortcut

Next, tap on the “+” sign to create a new shortcut.

This “+” sign is located in the top right corner of the screen. It allows you to start creating your own shortcuts, which are essentially custom commands for your device.

Step 3: Add Action

Then, select “Add Action” and search for “Open App.”

The “Open App” action allows you to tell your shortcut which app you want to open when you click the custom icon you will create.

Step 4: Choose the App

Select the app you want to change the icon for.

When you choose an app, you’re linking the shortcut to this specific app. Make sure you select the correct one so your new icon functions properly.

Step 5: Customize the Shortcut

Tap the three dots in the top right corner, then “Add to Home Screen,” and choose a name and icon for your shortcut.

Customizing the shortcut is where the magic happens. You can change the name to whatever you prefer and then tap the icon to either choose a photo from your library or take a new one.

Step 6: Add to Home Screen

Finally, tap “Add” to place your new icon on the home screen.

This step finalizes the process by putting your newly created icon on your home screen, ready for use. You can now move it around just like any other app.

Once you’ve completed these steps, you’ll see the new app icon on your home screen. Clicking it will open the app you linked to it, just like the original icon would. This method doesn’t delete the original app; it simply creates a shortcut with a new look.

Tips for Changing App Icons on iPad

  • Use High-Quality Images: Make sure the images you use for your new icons are high-quality for the best appearance.
  • Organize Your Icons: Consider creating a theme for your icons to keep your home screen looking neat.
  • Backup Original Icons: Keep a record of the original app icons just in case you want to switch back.
  • Experiment with Styles: Don’t be afraid to try different styles and layouts to find what works best for you.
  • Stay Updated: Keep the Shortcuts app updated to avoid any bugs or issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I revert to the original app icon?

Yes, you can always delete the custom shortcut and use the original app icon.

Does changing app icons affect app functionality?

No, it only changes the appearance. The functionality remains the same.

Can I change icons for all apps?

You can change icons for any app that appears in the “Open App” list within the Shortcuts app.

Is there a limit to how many icons I can change?

There is no limit. You can customize as many app icons as you like.

Do I need any special permissions to change app icons?

No special permissions are required, just the Shortcuts app.


  1. Open the Shortcuts app.
  2. Create a new shortcut.
  3. Add action: “Open App.”
  4. Choose the app.
  5. Customize the shortcut.
  6. Add to home screen.


Changing app icons on your iPad is a simple yet effective way to personalize your device. By following these steps, you can create a home screen that’s uniquely yours. Not only does this make your iPad more visually appealing, but it also makes navigating your device a bit more fun. Remember, the Shortcuts app is your best friend in this process, so don’t hesitate to explore its other features for even more customization options. After all, your iPad should reflect your style and personality. So go ahead, play around with different icons, and transform your device into a true extension of yourself. Happy customizing!

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