How to Attach Photo to Email on iPhone 14: A Step-by-Step Guide

Attaching a photo to an email on your iPhone 14 is a breeze! In a nutshell, you’ll need to open your Photos app, select the photo you want to send, tap the share icon, choose the mail option, and send it to the desired recipient. It’s that simple, but let’s dive into the details.

Step by Step Tutorial: How to Attach Photo to Email on iPhone 14

Before we start, understand that these steps will allow you to send images directly from your iPhone to anyone in your contact list using your email. Super handy, right? Let’s get to it.

Step 1: Open the Photos app on your iPhone 14

Tap the Photos app icon on your iPhone’s home screen to open it.

Opening the Photos app is your first step because this is where all your pictures are stored. You can easily browse through your albums to find the perfect photo you want to share.

Step 2: Select the photo you want to attach

Browse your albums and tap the photo you want to send.

Once you’ve found the photo, simply tap on it to select it. This will open the photo in full-screen mode, making it easier for you to view and ensure it’s the right one before sending.

Step 3: Tap the share icon

Look for the share icon (it looks like a square with an arrow pointing upwards out of it) and tap it.

The share icon is your gateway to sending the photo. It allows you to access all the sharing options available on your iPhone, including email.

Step 4: Choose the mail option

Scroll through the sharing options and tap on the mail icon.

Tapping the mail option will automatically open a new email draft within your Mail app, with the photo attached. All you need to do now is fill in the recipient’s details and your message.

Step 5: Fill in the recipient’s email, subject, and message

Type in the email address of the person you’re sending the photo to, add a subject, and type your message.

Make sure to double-check the recipient’s email address to avoid any mishaps. You can also add multiple recipients if you want to send the photo to more than one person.

Step 6: Send your email

After you’ve filled in all the details, tap the send button (it looks like a paper plane).

Congratulations! You’ve just sent an email with a photo attached from your iPhone 14. The recipient should see your email in their inbox with the photo included as an attachment.

After completing these steps, the recipient will receive your email with the photo attached. They can then view, download, or save the photo to their device. It’s a great way to share memories or important images quickly and easily.

Tips for Attaching Photos to Emails on iPhone 14

  • Make sure your iPhone 14 is updated to the latest iOS version for a smoother experience.
  • Use the search feature in the Photos app to quickly find the photo you’re looking for.
  • Compress the photo if it’s too large to send via email. Some mail servers have size limits for attachments.
  • If you’re sending multiple photos, consider creating a zip file or using cloud services like iCloud or Google Drive, and share the link instead.
  • Always preview the email before sending it to ensure the photo attached correctly and that all details are accurate.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my photo has been sent successfully?

After you press the send button, the Mail app will usually display a “Sent” confirmation. You can also check your ‘Sent’ folder to see if the email appears there.

Can I attach more than one photo to an email?

Yes, you can attach multiple photos to an email. After selecting the first photo, tap on the other photos you want to include before tapping the share icon.

What if the photo I want to send isn’t in my Photos app?

If the photo is stored in a different app, like Dropbox or Google Drive, you’ll need to open that app and use their sharing options to attach the photo to an email.

How do I add an email attachment from a third-party app?

Many third-party apps have a share button that allows you to send files directly to the Mail app. Look for the share icon and select the Mail option to attach the file.

Can I edit the photo before sending it?

Yes, you can use the Photos app’s editing tools to make changes to the photo before attaching it to your email.


  1. Open the Photos app
  2. Select the photo
  3. Tap the share icon
  4. Choose the mail option
  5. Fill in the email details
  6. Send your email


So there you have it, folks – your complete guide on how to attach a photo to an email on an iPhone 14. Whether you’re sending a snapshot of a special moment, an important document, or just a funny meme to a friend, it’s clear that the process is straightforward and user-friendly. Don’t forget to personalize your emails with a heartfelt message or a quirky subject line to add that personal touch!

With the iPhone 14’s intuitive interface, you can share your precious memories and important information with ease. Just remember to keep your device updated and check the recipient’s email address twice to avoid any mishaps. Now that you’re a pro at attaching photos to emails, go ahead and share away – your friends and family are waiting!

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