How Big Is an Audible File on an iPhone?

Audiobooks are an excellent alternative when you want to read a book, but don’t often find yourself in a situation where that is possible. One of the most popular providers of audiobooks is Audible, and you can listen to them on your iPhone using their dedicated app.

But storage space is often a concern on an iPhone, so you may be wondering how big the audiobook files are. Our guide below will give you some file size examples, plus show you how you can view the sizes of the Audible audiobooks that you own.

How to Find an Audible Audiobook File Size On iPhone

The steps in this article were written using an iPhone 6 Plus, in iOS 8. This guide will assume that you have an Audible account, and that you have already installed the app on your iPhone.

Please note that file sizes can vary significantly between different audiobook files. The two examples shown below will you give you a rough idea of the size of an audiobook file.

Step 1: Open the Audible app.

open the audible app

Step 2: Select the My Library option at the bottom of the screen.

open the my titles page

Step 3: Tap a book to begin downloading it. The file size will be shown under the book as it starts downloading. You can cancel the download by tapping the x at the right side of the book title.

check file size

As a reference, the file size of The Hobbit is 156 MB, and the audiobook file is 11 hours and 8 minutes. A Storm of Swords is 667 MB, and the audiobook file is 47 hours and 36 minutes. In each of these examples, that works out to approximately .23 MB per minute of audiobook.

If you’re low on space for the audiobooks that you want to download to your iPhone, then check out this guide on removing different files and apps from your device.

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