How to Delete the Facebook App on the iPhone

Facebook can consume a lot of data and take up a lot of space on an iPhone, so if you have stopped using it, or if you simply need to free up some space on your device, then you may have decided to delete the Facebook app from your iPhone.

But if you have never deleted an app on an iPhone before, then you might be struggling to figure out how to delete the Facebook app.

Fortunately, it is something that you can accomplish with just a few short steps with our guide below.

Removing the iPhone Facebook App

The tutorial below is only going to delete the Facebook app from the iPhone. You will still be able to access Facebook from the Safari browser. If you also want to block access to Safari, you can read this article.

Even with the Facebook app blocked and Safari blocked, it is still possible to access Facebook by re-downloading the Facebook app or installing another Web browser.

You will also need to block access to the App Store if you want to completely block access to Facebook from an iPhone. You can block access to the App Store and Safari by following the steps in this article.

Step 1: Locate the Facebook app on your Home screen.

locate the facebook app

Step 2: Touch and hold your finger on the Facebook app icon until it starts to shake.

touch and hold the facebook icon until it starts to shake

Step 3: Touch the small “x” at the top-left corner of the app icon, then touch the Delete button.

how to delete the facebook iphone app

You can also delete Facebook by going to Settings > General > Usage then selecting the Facebook option. Touch the Delete App button, then touch Delete App again to confirm that you want to remove the Facebook app and its’ data from your iPhone.

touch the delete app button

Now that you know how to delete the Facebook app on your iPhone, you can prevent it from taking up space and using data on your device, especially if you aren’t using it anymore.

If you want to learn how to delete other things from your iPhone, such as songs, movies, or emails, you can read our complete guide to deleting things on the iPhone.

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