How to Enable Notification Reminders in Android Marshmallow

Your phone can give you notifications when you get a text message or an email. There are also tons of different scenarios where other apps might notify you about impending information within that app. If your phone is nearby, then you will likely hear or see those notifications when they occur. But if you often […]

How to Turn Off Picture Geotagging in Android Marshmallow

You may have noticed that certain apps and websites are able to determine the location in which one of your pictures was taken. This occurs because there is something called metadata that includes GPS data from your phone. While this does have interesting applications for sorting your pictures, you might prefer that your location data […]

How to Turn On the Smart Network Switch in Android Marshmallow

The iPhone has a feature called Wi-Fi assist where the device can intelligently determine whether or not your Wi-Fi signal is weak or unstable and choose to use your cellular connection instead. Your Android Marshmallow phone has a similar feature, although it goes by a different name. On Android, this is called “Smart Network Switch” […]

How to Find the MAC Address on a Samsung Galaxy On5

Occasionally a network administrator might need to know some information about your Android phone so that they can permit it to access a network. Often this is done through something called MAC filtering, which blocks devices like phones or computers from accessing a network unless they are on an approved list of devices. This list […]

How to Hide Default Apps in Android Marshmallow

Due to the limited amount of storage space that is available on most smartphones, you may find that you need to manage the apps that you have downloaded by deleting some of them if they aren’t being used. But what about the default apps that were on your phone when you got them? Unfortunately these […]

How to Stop Automatically Adding New Apps to the Home Screen on the Galaxy On5

When you install a new app on your Samsung Galaxy On5, it’s usually because it is something that you heard about or searched for, and you though it would be something that would be either useful or fun. The default behavior for these new apps that you install from the Play Store will include that […]

How to Delete an App in Android Marshmallow

The Google Play Store provides an easy option for locating and installing new apps. But you may find that you need to know how to delete an app in Android Marshmallow if the app isn’t useful, or if you aren’t using it very often. Our guide below will show you how to delete a Marshmallow […]