How to Set Up WordPress on a Hostgator Web Hosting Account

This is the fourth in a four part series about building your own blog or website using Hostgator and WordPress. Each of the four parts of the series is linked below, so you can skip to the one that is most relevant to your current needs.

Once you have acquired your domain, set up your hosting account and pointed the domain to the hosting account, you are getting really close to having a live, functioning website set up. The last step is to put some content on the site.

There are a lot of different ways to do this, but the most common is to install WordPress. WordPress is a content management system where you can create web pages and add content to those pages. You can theoretically do this without knowing any HTML or CSS at all, plus WordPress is structured in such a way that your menus and site navigation are easily added to all of your pages, and you can switch between different “themes” until you find the right one for your purposes.

Our guide below will show you how to install WordPress onto your existing Hostgator hosting account in just a few steps.


Installing WordPress on Your Domain with Hostgator Web Hosting

The steps below will assume that you have a domain name and hosting account setup at Hostgator. If not, you can read the articles below –

How to register a domain name at Hostgator

How to set up a hosting account at Hostgator

How to point your domain’s name servers to your Hostgator hosting account


Once you have a domain and hosting account at Hostgator, then continue with the steps below.

Step 1: Head over to the customer portal at Hostgator, enter your Hostgator account email and password, then click the Login button.

sign into your Hostgator account



Step 2: Click the Hosting tab at the top of the window.

click the Hosting tab



Step 3: Scroll down and click the Launch QuickInstall button.

launch quickinstall



Step 4: Click the WordPress button.

click the wordpress button



Step 5: Click the Select your domain drop-down menu, select the domain name, then click the orange Next button.

how to install wordpress on Hostgator



Step 6: Fill in the Blog Title field, create a username (the Admin User field) for your WordPress install, enter your name and email address, check the box to the left of Terms of Service Agreement, then click the Install Now button.

create credentials, then install



Step 7: Take note of your username and password, then click the My Installs button at the top-right corner of the screen.

navigate to your wordpress installs



Step 8: Click the Admin Login button to go to the admin section of your WordPress site. For future reference, this location is http://yourwebsite/wp-admin

go to the admin section of your website



Step 9: Enter your Admin username and password, then click the Log In button.

sign into wordpress



You are now in the admin section of your WordPress site, and you can begin creating posts, creating pages, and creating your site.

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