Set an Instagram Picture as Your iPhone 5 Wallpaper

Instagram is a pretty fun app to play with, especially when you consider the impressive quality of images that the iPhone 5 is capable of producing.

And while it’s entertaining to be able to post those images to your account and share them with your friends, sometimes an image that you have edited with Instagram can wind up looking pretty great.

So great, in fact, that you might want to see it every time you turn on your phone. Luckily the iPhone 5 makes it a simple process to set one of your Instagram images as the wallpaper on your device so you can enjoy it every time you are using your phone.

Use Instagram Images as iPhone 5 Wallpapers

If you haven’t already discovered how easy it is to change the wallpaper on your iPhone, then you will see that it is a short process to get an image from your camera roll, photo stream, album or Instagram app to your wallpaper.

And switching between photos is as simple as repeating this process if you decide that you want something new. Note that this tutorial will assume that you already have the Instagram app installed on your phone, and that it is set up with your account information. If you have not download it yet, you can do so from the App Store on your device.

Step 1: Tap the Settings icon.

tap the settings icon
Open the iPhone Settings menu

Step 2: Scroll down and select the Brightness & Wallpaper option.

select brightness and wallpaper
Open the Brightness & Wallpaper menu

Step 3: Tap the arrow at the right of the Wallpaper section.

open the wallpaper selection menu
Touch the arrow at the right side of the Wallpaper section

Step 4: Select the Instagram option.

open your instagram image folder
Select the Instagram option

Step 5: Touch the Instagram picture that you want to use as your wallpaper.

Step 6: Drag the image to position it (if necessary). You can also pinch the screen to zoom in or out. Tap the Set button when you are done.

set your image
Move and resize your image, then hit the Set button

Step 7: Touch the Set Home Screen button to set the image as your wallpaper.

choose to set the image as your home screen, lock screen, or both
Tap the Set Home Screen button

You will notice that you are given the option to also specify your lock screen image during this process, so you can also use these same steps to accomplish that result as well.

Now that you know how to set an Instagram picture as your wallpaper on an Iphone 6S, oyu can start to use the fun and exciting images that you find on the social media app.

Did you know that you could be automatically uploading all of the pictures that you take with your iPhone 5 to your Dropbox account? Read this article to find out more about integrating Dropbox with your iPhone.

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