How Do I Know if Bluetooth is Turned On for My iPhone 5?

Pairing a device with your iPhone is supposed to be as simple as going to Settings > Bluetooth and tapping on the device.

But Bluetooth pairing doesn’t always work perfectly, to the point where you might be wondering how to know if Bluetooth is turned on for your iPhone.

Fortunately, there are several places where you can check this information to determine its current state.

How to Turn Bluetooth on or Off on an iPhone

  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Choose Bluetooth.
  3. Tap the button next to Bluetooth to turn it on or off.

Our guide continues below with additional information on how to know if Bluetooth is turned on or off, including some pictures of these locations.

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Bluetooth devices such as headphones offer a simple, wireless way for you to connect accessories to your iPhone 5.

But if you are new to Bluetooth and are having trouble syncing a Bluetooth device with your iPhone 5, then you might be wondering how you know if Bluetooth is turned on for your iPhone 5.

If you have Bluetooth turned on and your AirPods are paired to your phone, then you might like to know how to turn off AirPod notifications if it seems like too many of those are coming through.

Places to Check for iPhone Bluetooth Status

There are actually a couple of different places where you can check this, but the simplest is to glance at the status bar at the top of your iPhone’s screen. The Bluetooth icon is displayed in the upper-right section of the screen and is pointed out in the image below.

iphone 5 bluetooth icon in status bar

Additionally, you can swipe up from the bottom of your Home screen to bring up the Control Center. This screen provides quick access to some commonly used features. In the image below, Bluetooth is turned on.

bluetooth is on in the control center

In the image below, Bluetooth is turned off. You can turn Bluetooth on or off here simply by touching the Bluetooth button.

bluetooth off in control center

The final place where you can check the status of Bluetooth on your iPhone is the Settings menu. Simply tap the Settings icon on your Home screen –

open the settings menu

Then touch the Bluetooth button at the top of the screen. Note that it actually says on this screen whether Bluetooth is on or off, but you can modify that setting on the next screen.

open the bluetooth menu

You can then touch the button to the right of Bluetooth to turn it on and prepare your iPhone to start syncing with Bluetooth devices. Bluetooth is turned on in the image below.

how to know if Bluetooth is turned on or turned off on an iPhone

Now that you are familiar with identifying the Bluetooth status on your iPhone 5, and how to know if Bluetooth is turned on or off, you should look into getting some wireless Bluetooth headphones.

There are a lot of options, but one of the best mixes of price and quality is this Sony MDR10RBT pair. They are some of the most comfortable headphones that I have ever worn, and the sound quality is excellent.

If you have a pair of Bluetooth headphones that you want to connect to your iPhone, then you can read here to learn how to set them up.

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