How to Take a Picture of the Moon with iPhone: Tips and Tricks

Taking a picture of the moon with your iPhone may seem tricky, but it’s actually quite simple with the right technique. By adjusting your camera settings and using a few tricks, you can capture the beauty of the moon in just a few taps. Ready to become a lunar photographer? Let’s dive in!

Step by Step Tutorial: How to Take a Picture of the Moon with iPhone

Before we get into the nitty-gritty, let’s talk about what these steps will help you achieve. By following this guide, you’ll learn to adjust your iPhone camera settings to best capture the moon. You’ll also discover how to stabilize your shot and find the perfect time to snap that lunar masterpiece.

Step 1: Find the Perfect Time and Location

Choose a night when the moon is bright and visible.
A clear sky and a high moon position provide the best conditions for a great shot. Avoid light pollution by heading away from city lights if possible. The full moon phase is often the best time to capture stunning details.

Step 2: Set Up Your iPhone Camera

Open the Camera app and choose the Photo mode.
Make sure your flash is off, and HDR is on or set to auto. If you have an iPhone with optical zoom, use the telephoto lens by tapping 2x or 2.5x, depending on your model, for a closer view of the moon.

Step 3: Adjust Focus and Exposure

Tap and hold on the moon on your screen to lock focus.
After locking focus, swipe down or up on the screen to adjust the exposure. Lowering the exposure can help bring out the details of the moon’s surface that can get lost in the brightness.

Step 4: Stabilize Your iPhone

Hold your iPhone steady or use a tripod.
A shaky hand can result in a blurry photo. If you have one, use a tripod or place your iPhone against a stable surface. Using the timer function can also help avoid camera shake when pressing the shutter button.

Step 5: Take the Picture

Press the shutter button to take your photo.
Take several shots to increase your chances of getting that perfect moon photo. Don’t forget to review your photos and retake them if necessary.

After completing these steps, you’ll have a beautiful photo of the moon that you can share with friends, post on social media, or even print out to hang on your wall. With a little patience and practice, you can capture the moon’s mystique right from your iPhone.

Tips: How to Take a Picture of the Moon with iPhone

  • Use the volume button as a shutter to reduce camera shake.
  • Experiment with different exposure levels to capture the moon’s details.
  • Edit your moon photos with photo editing apps to enhance the final image.
  • Plan ahead by using a moon phase calendar to know when the next full moon will occur.
  • If possible, use a lens attachment for your iPhone to get even closer to the moon.

Frequently Asked Questions

What iPhone models can take good pictures of the moon?

All iPhone models can take pictures of the moon, but newer models with better cameras will produce higher quality images.

Can I zoom in on the moon with my iPhone?

Yes, you can zoom in on the moon using the built-in optical zoom or digital zoom, but be aware that digital zoom can reduce image quality.

Do I need a special app to take pictures of the moon?

No, you don’t need a special app. The built-in iPhone Camera app has all the necessary features to capture the moon.

What if my moon pictures are blurry?

Ensure your focus is locked on the moon and try reducing camera shake by using a tripod or a stable surface.

How can I edit my moon pictures on my iPhone?

You can use the built-in Photos app to edit your pictures or download third-party photo editing apps for more advanced editing options.


  1. Find the perfect time and location.
  2. Set up your iPhone camera.
  3. Adjust focus and exposure.
  4. Stabilize your iPhone.
  5. Take the picture.


Capturing the moon’s beauty with an iPhone is an exciting and rewarding experience. It’s remarkable how a device that fits in your palm can take such magnificent photos of something so far away. Remember, it’s not just about the technology; it’s about the technique. Finding the right location, setting up your camera correctly, and ensuring your phone is stable are key elements to snapping that perfect lunar shot.

While you may not get the perfect shot on your first try, don’t get discouraged. Photography is an art that requires patience and practice. Use the tips provided, experiment with different settings, and most importantly, enjoy the process. The moon isn’t going anywhere, so you have plenty of opportunities to try again.

Whether you’re a budding photographer or just someone who loves to capture the beauty of the night sky, taking a picture of the moon with your iPhone is a skill worth mastering. So the next time you look up at the night sky and see the moon shining down, grab your iPhone and give it a shot. Who knows? You might just capture something extraordinary.

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