How to Save a Picture from a Website on iPhone 14: A Step-by-Step Guide

Saving a picture from a website on your iPhone 14 is as simple as tapping and holding the image, then selecting the “Add to Photos” option. This will save the image to your iPhone’s Photos app, where you can view, edit, or share it as you please.

After you save the image, it will be stored in your Photos app. You can find it in the “Recents” album or you can go to the “Albums” tab and find it in the “All Photos” album.

You can also watch this video about how to save a picture from a website on iPhone 14 for more on this topic.


In the age of smartphones, we’re constantly coming across images on the web that we want to keep. Whether it’s a meme that made us laugh, a recipe we can’t wait to try, or just a beautiful photo, the desire to save these images is a common one. But how do you do that on an iPhone 14? It’s a question many new users might find themselves asking, especially if they’re switching from another type of phone. This task is relevant to anyone who uses their iPhone for browsing the web and wants an easy way to save images they come across.

Knowing how to save a picture from a website can make your browsing experience more enjoyable and convenient, as it allows you to access your favorite images anytime, without needing an internet connection. It’s especially useful for those who like to use images as wallpapers, share them with friends, or use them for work or school projects. So let’s dive into the simple process that will empower you to save any image you like from the web to your iPhone 14.

Step by Step Tutorial: How to Save a Picture from a Website on iPhone 14

Before we get into the nitty-gritty, let’s clarify what we’re about to do. By following these steps, you’ll be able to save any image from the web directly to your iPhone 14. This is handy for a variety of reasons – for personal use, work, or just to have a laugh at a later date.

Step 1: Open the website with the image

Navigate to the website that has the picture you want to save.

When you find an image you want to save, the first thing to do is to make sure the image is fully loaded on the webpage. Sometimes, higher resolution images take a moment to fully display, especially on mobile data.

Step 2: Press and hold the image

Tap and hold your finger on the image until a menu appears.

Once the image is loaded, pressing and holding will bring up a menu with several options. Make sure not to press too hard, or you might activate the 3D Touch or Haptic Touch features instead.

Step 3: Select “Add to Photos”

Tap the “Add to Photos” option from the menu to save the image.

After selecting “Add to Photos,” the image will be saved directly to your iPhone’s Photos app. If this option isn’t available, it could mean the website has disabled the ability to save images.


ConvenienceSaving images directly to your phone is highly convenient, as it allows for easy access anytime without the need for an internet connection.
SharingOnce an image is saved to your device, it’s simple to share with friends or on social media.
OrganizationSaving images to your iPhone helps keep them organized and easily searchable within your Photos app.


Quality LossSometimes, saving an image from a website might result in lower resolution or quality than the original.
Copyright IssuesYou might unintentionally save copyrighted images. Always make sure you have the right to save and use an image.
Storage SpaceSaving numerous images can take up a significant amount of storage space on your device.

Additional Information

While the process of saving an image from a website on your iPhone 14 is straightforward, there are a few extra tips that can make your experience even better. For instance, if you want to save more than one image from a webpage, you can repeat the steps for each desired picture. It’s also wise to periodically review the images you’ve saved to ensure your Photos app doesn’t become cluttered, making it hard to find the pictures you really want to keep.

Remember, while saving pictures from a website to your iPhone 14 is generally permitted for personal use, it’s important to respect copyright laws and not use images for commercial purposes without the proper authorization. Lastly, it’s worth noting that you can also save images from emails or messages in a similar way, by pressing and holding the image and selecting “Add to Photos.”


  1. Open the website with the image.
  2. Press and hold the image.
  3. Select “Add to Photos.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I save any image from any website?

Most images can be saved, but some websites may have disabled the ability to save their images.

Where do the saved images go on my iPhone 14?

The images are saved in the Photos app under the “Recents” or “All Photos” album.

What if the “Add to Photos” option doesn’t appear?

This could mean that the website has disabled the saving of images, or you need to press and hold the image a bit longer.

Can I save gifs and videos in the same way?

Gifs can often be saved in the same way, but videos usually require a different method.

What should I do if I want to save a high-quality image?

Try to find and save the image in its original resolution or contact the website owner for a better quality version.


Saving a picture from a website on your iPhone 14 is a piece of cake once you know the steps. It’s a convenient way to keep your favorite images close at hand, whether for personal enjoyment, work, or sharing with friends.

Remember to respect copyright laws and be aware of the storage you’re using. With this knowledge in your back pocket, you’re all set to save those eye-catching pictures whenever you come across them. Keep exploring, keep saving, and most importantly, have fun with your iPhone 14!

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