How to Restrict Apps on iPad: A Step-by-Step Guide for Parents

Restricting apps on an iPad is a breeze. By accessing the device’s “Screen Time” settings, you can manage which apps are accessible and set limitations. This ensures your child or anyone else using the iPad only accesses appropriate content.

How to Restrict Apps on iPad

In this section, we will walk you through the steps to restrict apps on an iPad. This will help you manage app usage and ensure the device is used appropriately.

Step 1: Open Settings

First, open the “Settings” app on your iPad.

This can be done by tapping the grey gear icon typically found on your home screen. It’s the hub for all your device configurations.

Step 2: Tap on Screen Time

Next, scroll down and tap on “Screen Time.”

“Screen Time” is a feature that helps you monitor and control the amount of time spent on your iPad. Here, you can set various restrictions and limits.

Step 3: Turn on Screen Time

Tap on “Turn On Screen Time” and then hit “Continue.”

If it’s your first time using this feature, you’ll get a brief overview. If you want, you can set it up for yourself or for your child.

Step 4: Set a Passcode

Select “Use Screen Time Passcode” and set a unique passcode.

This passcode is vital. It ensures that only you can change the restrictions or extend time limits.

Step 5: Tap App Limits

In the Screen Time menu, select “App Limits.”

This is where the magic happens. You can set daily time limits for app categories or individual apps.

Step 6: Add Limit

Tap on “Add Limit,” select the apps or categories you want to restrict, and set the desired time limit.

You can customize this based on days of the week, giving more time on weekends, for instance, and less on school nights.

Step 7: Enable Content & Privacy Restrictions

Go back in Screen Time settings and tap “Content & Privacy Restrictions.”

This section allows you to block or limit specific apps and features. You can prevent explicit content, restrict web content, and even prevent changes to privacy settings.

Step 8: Configure Restrictions

Tap on the specific categories and configure the restrictions as needed.

For example, you can restrict purchases and downloads, block inappropriate content, and manage privacy settings for apps.

Once you complete these steps, your iPad will have the restrictions in place. Anyone using the iPad will need the passcode to change these settings or access restricted apps beyond the set limits.

Tips for Restricting Apps on iPad

  • Use Downtime: This feature in Screen Time can schedule a period when only specific apps are available.
  • Communicate: Let your child know why certain apps are restricted to help them understand the importance of balanced screen time.
  • Update Regularly: Periodically review and update your restrictions to adapt to changing needs or new apps.
  • Check Usage Reports: Screen Time provides detailed reports on app usage, helping you make informed decisions.
  • Enable Ask to Buy: For family sharing, enable this feature so kids need approval for app purchases and downloads.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I restrict specific apps only?

Yes, you can choose specific apps to restrict by using the “App Limits” feature.

Can I change the Screen Time passcode?

Yes, go back into Screen Time settings and select “Change Screen Time Passcode.”

How do I remove restrictions?

To remove restrictions, go to Screen Time settings and turn off the restrictions or delete the app limits.

Can I set different limits for different days?

Yes, when setting an app limit, you can customize it for different days of the week.

Does Screen Time work across all Apple devices?

Yes, if you enable “Share Across Devices,” the Screen Time settings will apply to all devices signed in with the same Apple ID.


  1. Open Settings.
  2. Tap Screen Time.
  3. Turn on Screen Time.
  4. Set a passcode.
  5. Tap App Limits.
  6. Add Limit.
  7. Enable Content & Privacy Restrictions.
  8. Configure Restrictions.


Restricting apps on an iPad is a straightforward way to ensure the device is used responsibly. By following the steps outlined, you can easily set up app limitations and content restrictions that align with your family’s needs. Screen Time is a powerful tool that not only helps in monitoring usage but also fosters healthy digital habits.

For those new to iPad or Screen Time, take your time exploring the various features and settings. You might find options and tools that further help in tailoring the iPad’s functionality to your specific requirements.

In today’s digital age, understanding how to manage and control screen time is more crucial than ever. It’s about striking a balance – ensuring that technology enhances life without overwhelming it. Feel free to explore further or reach out to Apple’s support for any additional questions or clarifications. Now, go ahead and take control of your iPad’s app usage!

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