How to Block Websites on iPhone 12: A Step-by-Step Guide

Blocking websites on your iPhone 12 can easily be done through the device’s Screen Time settings. By utilizing the built-in feature, you can restrict access to specific websites or all websites with adult content. After completing these steps, you’ll have peace of mind knowing you or your loved ones are protected from undesirable online content.

After completing the action, you’ll experience controlled browsing on your iPhone 12. The websites you’ve blocked will not be accessible, promoting productivity and safe internet use.


Have you ever stumbled upon a website that you wish you hadn’t? Or maybe you’re a parent looking to safeguard your children’s internet usage? Whatever the case, the iPhone 12 has got you covered with its built-in feature to block websites. This not only promotes a safer browsing environment but also helps in curbing screen time and distractions. Blocking websites isn’t just for young users; it can be beneficial for adults who want to stay focused or avoid content that may be triggering or inappropriate.

The iPhone 12 makes this process straightforward and user-friendly, ensuring that you can have control over your internet experience. Whether you’re looking to improve productivity or ensure your family’s online safety, learning how to block websites on your iPhone 12 is an essential skill in today’s digital world.

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Step by Step Tutorial on Blocking Websites on iPhone 12

Before diving into the steps, it’s important to know that blocking websites on your iPhone 12 will help you have a more focused and safer browsing experience. The steps outlined below will guide you through using the Screen Time feature to block websites.

Step 1: Open Settings

Open the ‘Settings’ app on your iPhone 12.

Once you’ve opened Settings, scroll down to find the Screen Time option, which is where you’ll be able to manage content restrictions.

Step 2: Tap Screen Time

Tap on ‘Screen Time’ to access the feature’s settings.

In Screen Time, you’ll find various options for monitoring and controlling device usage, including the ability to restrict content and privacy.

Step 3: Enter Screen Time Passcode

If prompted, enter your Screen Time passcode to proceed.

Setting up a Screen Time passcode ensures that the restrictions you’re about to place can’t be easily changed by anyone else who uses the device.

Step 4: Tap Content & Privacy Restrictions

Select ‘Content & Privacy Restrictions’ within the Screen Time settings.

This area of Screen Time allows you to set specific restrictions for apps, purchases, and website content.

Step 5: Enable Content & Privacy Restrictions

Switch on ‘Content & Privacy Restrictions’ at the top of the menu.

Enabling these restrictions is necessary to proceed with blocking websites as it activates the content restriction settings.

Step 6: Tap Content Restrictions

Within ‘Content & Privacy Restrictions,’ tap on ‘Content Restrictions.’

This section specifically deals with controlling the types of content that can be accessed on your iPhone 12.

Step 7: Tap Web Content

Scroll down to the ‘Web Content’ option and tap on it.

In ‘Web Content,’ you’ll have the options to restrict adult websites or to specifically allow or disallow certain websites.

Step 8: Choose Limit Adult Websites or Allowed Websites Only

Select ‘Limit Adult Websites’ to automatically restrict many adult websites or ‘Allowed Websites Only’ to only permit access to websites you specify.

Choosing the ‘Limit Adult Websites’ option provides a general level of protection, while the ‘Allowed Websites Only’ option gives you complete control over the browsing content.

Step 9: Add Websites to Block

Under ‘NEVER ALLOW,’ tap ‘Add Website’ to list the URLs of websites you wish to block.

Adding URLs to the ‘NEVER ALLOW’ section ensures that these websites will not be accessible on your iPhone 12.


Enhanced FocusBy blocking distracting websites, you can concentrate better on tasks at hand, leading to increased productivity.
Online SafetyBlocking websites helps protect users, especially children, from accessing inappropriate or harmful content.
Customizable ControlYou can tailor website access to your specific needs, whether that’s blocking a few select sites or creating a whitelist of allowed content.


Limited SpontaneityWith blocked websites, spontaneous browsing is limited, which might hinder the discovery of new, potentially useful sites.
Potential OverblockingAutomatic filters might block websites that are not necessarily harmful, leading to frustration.
Forgetting PasscodeSetting a Screen Time passcode is crucial, but if forgotten, it could lock you out of changing your settings.

Additional Information

Now, you might be thinking, what if I need to unblock a website later on? Don’t fret – it’s just as easy to unblock websites as it is to block them. Simply follow the same steps, but instead of adding a website to the ‘NEVER ALLOW’ list, you can remove it. Remember to always keep your Screen Time passcode safe and private, as this will prevent others from altering your content restrictions.

Additionally, if you’re setting up these blocks for a child’s device, engaging in an open conversation about online safety and the reasons behind content restrictions can be beneficial. This ensures they understand the importance of safe browsing and the reasoning behind the blocked content. Don’t forget, blocking websites on your iPhone 12 is a dynamic process; you can always adapt your restrictions to suit your changing needs or circumstances.


  1. Open the ‘Settings’ app.
  2. Tap on ‘Screen Time.’
  3. Enter your Screen Time passcode if prompted.
  4. Select ‘Content & Privacy Restrictions.’
  5. Enable ‘Content & Privacy Restrictions.’
  6. Tap on ‘Content Restrictions.’
  7. Tap ‘Web Content.’
  8. Choose ‘Limit Adult Websites’ or ‘Allowed Websites Only.’
  9. Add URLs to the ‘NEVER ALLOW’ section.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I block websites on other iPhone models?

Yes, the steps to block websites are similar for most iPhone models that support the Screen Time feature.

Is it possible to block all websites except a few?

Absolutely, by choosing the ‘Allowed Websites Only’ option, you can specify exactly which websites can be accessed.

Can someone else unblock the websites if they know the passcode?

Yes, anyone with the Screen Time passcode can change the content restrictions.

What happens if I forget my Screen Time passcode?

You may need to reset your device or contact Apple support for assistance if you’ve forgotten your Screen Time passcode.

Are the blocked websites inaccessible on all browsers?

The restrictions apply to all browsers installed on your iPhone 12, not just Safari.


Blocking websites on your iPhone 12 is a simple yet powerful tool that offers control over your digital experience. Whether for productivity, safety, or focus, the steps outlined in this article will help you create a safer and more controlled internet environment.

Remember, the power to shape your online world is at your fingertips, and with this knowledge, you’re well-equipped to make the best decisions for you and your family’s internet usage. Happy (and safe) browsing!

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