How to Remove a Ringtone From an iPhone: A Step-by-Step Guide

Removing a ringtone from your iPhone is a simple process that can be done in just a few steps. Open the Settings app, tap on Sounds & Haptics, and then select Ringtone. Find the ringtone you want to remove, swipe left, and tap Delete. This quick action will remove the unwanted ringtone from your iPhone.

After you complete this action, the ringtone will no longer be available in your list of ringtones. Your iPhone will revert to using the default ringtone for calls and notifications.


Ringtones are a fun way to personalize your iPhone and make it uniquely yours. But what happens when you’re over that catchy tune, or it’s just too embarrassing when it goes off in a quiet room? Maybe you downloaded a bunch of ringtones to test them out, and now you want to declutter your sound settings. Or perhaps you’re passing your iPhone down to someone else, and you want to erase any traces of your personal style. Whatever the reason, knowing how to remove a ringtone from your iPhone is a useful skill.

The process is straightforward, so you don’t need to be a tech wizard to figure it out. It’s relevant to anyone who owns an iPhone and has at some point downloaded or purchased a ringtone. And let’s face it, we’ve all been there. Sit back, and I’ll walk you through the process step by step.

Step by Step Tutorial: Removing a Ringtone from an iPhone

Before we dive into the steps, it’s important to note that removing a ringtone from your iPhone means it will no longer be available for selection in the Sounds & Haptics settings. If you’ve purchased the ringtone, you’ll still be able to re-download it from the iTunes Store if you change your mind later.

Step 1: Open the Settings App

Tap the Settings app on your iPhone’s home screen to get started.

The Settings app is the gateway to all the configurations on your iPhone, and it’s where we’ll find the option to manage our ringtones.

Step 2: Tap on Sounds & Haptics

Scroll down and tap on Sounds & Haptics to access your sound settings.

This is where you can customize all the sounds on your iPhone, from your ringtone to the sound your keyboard makes when you type.

Step 3: Select Ringtone

In the Sounds and Vibration Patterns section, tap on Ringtone.

This will bring up a list of all the ringtones currently available on your iPhone.

Step 4: Find the Ringtone to Remove

Scroll through the list and locate the ringtone you wish to remove.

If you’ve downloaded many ringtones, this might take a moment. You can play each ringtone by tapping on it if you need a reminder of how it sounds.

Step 5: Swipe Left and Tap Delete

Swipe left on the ringtone you want to remove and tap the red Delete button.

This action will immediately remove the ringtone from your list, and it will no longer be an option for calls or notifications.


Frees Up SpaceRemoving ringtones that you no longer use can free up space on your iPhone, which can be used for other apps, photos, or music.
Reduces ClutterA long list of ringtones can be overwhelming. Removing the ones you don’t use can make it easier to find the ones you do.
Personalizes Your ExperienceBy removing ringtones that don’t suit your taste anymore, you can better personalize your iPhone to match your current preferences.


Permanent DeletionIf you delete a ringtone, it’s gone for good unless you’ve purchased it and can re-download it from the iTunes Store.
Time-ConsumingIf you have a lot of ringtones to sort through, it can be a bit time-consuming to delete them one by one.
Accidental DeletionsIt’s possible to accidentally delete a ringtone you wanted to keep if you’re not paying attention.

Additional Information

When removing a ringtone from your iPhone, it’s also good to know that you can recover any purchased ringtones through the iTunes Store if you accidentally delete one or change your mind later. However, any custom ringtones you’ve created or downloaded from third-party apps won’t be recoverable through the iTunes Store. For those, it’s a good idea to back them up on your computer or cloud storage service before deleting them from your iPhone.

Another tip is to consider organizing your ringtones into folders within the Sounds & Haptics settings. This can make it easier to manage and find the ringtones you want to keep. And remember, while it’s fun to have a unique ringtone, sometimes less is more. Keeping your ringtone list curated to your current favorites can prevent that awkward moment when an old ringtone you no longer like blares out in public.


  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Tap on Sounds & Haptics.
  3. Select Ringtone.
  4. Find the ringtone to remove.
  5. Swipe left and tap Delete.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I recover a deleted ringtone?

If you’ve purchased the ringtone, you can re-download it from the iTunes Store.

Will deleting a ringtone also remove it from my iTunes library?

No, deleting a ringtone from your iPhone will not remove it from your iTunes library on your computer.

Can I delete multiple ringtones at once?

Unfortunately, no. You have to delete each ringtone individually.

What if I want to keep a ringtone but not have it appear in my list?

You can’t hide ringtones from the list, but you can organize them into folders.

Can I delete the default ringtones that come with my iPhone?

No, the default ringtones that come pre-installed on your iPhone cannot be deleted.


There you have it—the ins and outs of removing a ringtone from your iPhone. Whether you’re decluttering, changing your style, or passing your phone on, it’s a quick and painless process.

Just remember to back up any custom ringtones before you delete them, and you’ll be set. With a clean slate, you can now select a ringtone that better fits your current mood or situation. Happy customizing!