How to Recover Deleted Photos iPhone 15: Step-by-Step Guide

Accidentally deleting photos from your iPhone 15 can be a heart-wrenching experience. But, don’t panic just yet! There’s a good chance you can recover those precious memories with a few simple steps. The key is to act fast and follow the instructions closely. Ready to get started? Here’s a quick guide that’ll help you retrieve your deleted photos in no time.

Step by Step Tutorial on How to Recover Deleted Photos iPhone 15

Before we get into the nitty-gritty, let’s understand what we’re about to do. These steps will guide you through recovering deleted photos from your iPhone 15, whether they were mistakenly deleted or lost through other mishaps.

Step 1: Check the Recently Deleted Album

Head to your Photos app and check the ‘Recently Deleted’ album first.

When you delete photos on your iPhone 15, they don’t immediately disappear. Instead, they’re moved to the ‘Recently Deleted’ album where they stay for up to 30 days. If your deleted photos are still within this timeframe, you can easily recover them!

Step 2: Recover Photos from iCloud

If you’ve enabled iCloud backup, your photos might be there. Go to and log in with your Apple ID to check.

iCloud is a handy backup service provided by Apple. If you’ve set it up to automatically back up your photos, you can recover deleted photos iPhone 15 by accessing your iCloud account. Remember, the photos stored here will be as per your last backup.

Step 3: Use a Third-Party Recovery Tool

If the above methods fail, consider using a reliable third-party recovery tool.

There are several tools available that specialize in data recovery for iPhones. Some are free, while others require a purchase. Make sure to choose a reputable one to avoid any further data loss.

After completing these steps, you should have your deleted photos back in your hands. If for some reason you’re unable to recover them, it may be time to contact Apple Support for further assistance.

Tips on How to Recover Deleted Photos iPhone 15

  • Make sure to act quickly as the ‘Recently Deleted’ album only stores photos for 30 days.
  • Regularly back up your iPhone to iCloud or iTunes to prevent data loss.
  • Avoid using your iPhone for new data as this might overwrite the deleted photos.
  • Consider enabling the iCloud Photo Library to store all your photos and videos in iCloud.
  • If you’ve shared the photo with someone, ask them to send it back to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I recover photos deleted over 30 days ago?

If the photos have been deleted for more than 30 days, they are permanently removed from the ‘Recently Deleted’ album and might not be recoverable unless they were backed up to iCloud or iTunes.

What if I don’t have an iCloud backup?

If you haven’t backed up your photos to iCloud, try checking iTunes for a backup or use a third-party recovery tool.

Are third-party recovery tools safe to use?

Most reputable third-party recovery tools are safe, but always do your research and read reviews before downloading and using one.

Will recovering photos use up my iCloud storage?

No, recovering photos from iCloud won’t use up additional iCloud storage as they are simply being retrieved, not newly uploaded.

Can I recover photos after a factory reset?

If you’ve performed a factory reset without a backup, it is highly unlikely that you can recover your photos.


  1. Check the ‘Recently Deleted’ album.
  2. Recover photos from iCloud.
  3. Use a third-party recovery tool.


Losing photos can be a distressing experience, but with the advanced features on the iPhone 15 and the right know-how, it is often possible to recover deleted photos. Whether it’s through the trusty ‘Recently Deleted’ album, the convenience of iCloud backups, or the help of third-party tools, your chances are pretty good. The key is to act quickly and to keep your device backed up regularly to avoid such mishaps in the future. Remember, our photos are more than just pixels on a screen – they are our memories, our stories, and our treasured moments. So, it’s essential to treasure them and keep them safe. With the guidance provided on how to recover deleted photos iPhone 15, you can rest a little easier knowing that even if accidents happen, there’s a plan to set things right.

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