How to Overlay Pictures on iPhone 15: A Step-by-Step Guide

Overlaying pictures on your iPhone 15 is a fun way to get creative with your photos. With just a few taps, you can add one image on top of another to create a unique composition. Whether you’re making a collage, designing a social media post, or just playing around, the process is simple and straightforward.

Step by Step Tutorial: Overlaying Pictures on iPhone 15

Before diving into the steps, let’s clarify what we’re about to do. Overlaying pictures means you’ll be placing one image on top of another. This can be great for creating double exposures, adding text to images, or making your photos more interesting.

Step 1: Open your photo editing app

Choose a photo editing app that allows for layering images.

There are many apps available that can help you overlay pictures. Some popular ones include Photoshop Express, PicsArt, and Canva. These apps have intuitive interfaces and offer a range of editing tools.

Step 2: Select your base image

Choose the photo you want as the background of your overlay.

Your base image will be the one that other photos are added to. Make sure it’s a high-quality image that matches the overall theme of your overlay.

Step 3: Add the overlay image

Tap the option to add a photo and choose your second picture.

Once you have your base image, it’s time to add the overlay. This image will go on top of the base. You can resize and position it however you like.

Step 4: Adjust the overlay

Use the editing tools to blend the overlay with your base image.

Most apps will offer tools like opacity sliders, blending modes, and filters. These can help you integrate the overlay smoothly with the base image.

Step 5: Save your creation

Once you’re happy with how your overlay looks, save the image to your phone.

Don’t forget to save your work! You can usually find a save or download button in the app. Make sure to select the highest quality option for the best results.

After you’ve completed the overlay, you can share your new creation with friends, post it on social media, or keep it for your own personal collection. The possibilities are endless when you start playing with overlays!

Tips: Enhancing Your Overlays on iPhone 15

  • Experiment with different blending modes to see how they change the look of your overlay.
  • Play around with the opacity to make your overlay more subtle or more pronounced.
  • Use high-quality images to avoid pixelation when overlaying pictures.
  • Consider the composition of both images to create a balanced and visually appealing result.
  • Have fun and don’t be afraid to try new combinations!

Frequently Asked Questions

What apps can I use to overlay pictures on my iPhone 15?

Apps like Photoshop Express, PicsArt, and Canva are great for overlaying pictures on your iPhone 15.

Can I adjust the size of my overlay image?

Yes, most photo editing apps will allow you to resize and reposition your overlay image.

Will overlaying pictures reduce the quality of my photos?

As long as you use high-quality images and save your final creation in the highest quality available, overlaying pictures should not reduce the quality.

How do I blend the overlay image with the base image?

Most apps have blending modes and opacity sliders that you can use to blend your overlay smoothly.

Can I undo changes if I make a mistake?

Yes, most photo editing apps have an undo feature that allows you to revert changes if needed.


  1. Open your photo editing app
  2. Select your base image
  3. Add the overlay image
  4. Adjust the overlay
  5. Save your creation


Overlaying pictures on your iPhone 15 is a breeze once you get the hang of it. It’s a fantastic way to express your creativity and give your photos a unique touch. With the plethora of editing apps available, finding one that suits your needs should be no problem. Remember to play around with the blending modes and opacity to achieve the perfect look. And if you ever feel stuck, just check back to the tips and FAQs for a little nudge in the right direction. So go ahead, give it a try – your next masterpiece is just a few taps away!

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