How to Mute Someone on Facebook: A Step-by-Step Guide

Muting someone on Facebook is a simple way to keep your feed clean without unfriending or blocking them. To accomplish this, follow these steps: Go to the person’s profile, click on the “Friends” button, then choose “Take a Break.” From there, you can select how long you want to mute them. That’s it! This method ensures you won’t see their posts for a period of time without them knowing.

How to Mute Someone on Facebook

Muting someone on Facebook means you won’t see their posts in your feed, but they will still be on your friends list. Let’s walk through the steps to make this happen.

Step 1: Go to the person’s profile

First, open Facebook and navigate to the profile of the person you want to mute.

This can be done by typing their name in the search bar at the top of the Facebook page and clicking on their profile.

Step 2: Click on the “Friends” button

Once you’re on their profile, find the “Friends” button and click it.

This button is located right below their profile picture and cover photo. It might also say “Following” if you’re following their updates.

Step 3: Select “Take a Break”

After clicking the “Friends” button, a menu will appear. From this menu, choose the “Take a Break” option.

This will open a new page where you can customize what you want to see from this person and what they can see from you.

Step 4: Customize your preferences

On the “Take a Break” page, select what you want to change about your interactions with this person. Most importantly, choose “Limit where you see [Name’s] profile.”

This option allows you to mute their posts and updates without blocking or unfriending them. You can adjust other settings here too if needed.

Step 5: Confirm your choices

Once you’ve made your selections, click “Save” or “Confirm” to apply the changes.

This final step ensures that Facebook will not show you this person’s posts or updates based on your preferences.

After you complete these steps, you won’t see the muted person’s posts or updates in your feed. They won’t be notified that you’ve muted them, so your relationship on Facebook remains unchanged from their perspective.

Tips for Muting Someone on Facebook

  • Temporary Mute: If you only want to mute them for a short time, use the “Snooze” option, which lasts for 30 days.
  • Customize “Take a Break”: You can also limit what they see from you by adjusting the settings on the “Take a Break” page.
  • Use the Unfollow Option: This is another way to mute someone. Just click “Unfollow” on their profile, and you won’t see their posts.
  • Check Privacy Settings: Always review your privacy settings to ensure you’re comfortable with what you’re sharing.
  • Use the Block Option Sparingly: Blocking someone is more permanent and they will know they’ve been blocked, so use it only if necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens when you mute someone on Facebook?

When you mute someone, you won’t see their posts and updates in your feed, but they remain your friend on Facebook.

Can the person tell if they’ve been muted?

No, the person will not receive any notification that you’ve muted them.

How long does muting last?

Muting lasts until you manually change the settings. However, the “Snooze” option lasts for 30 days.

Can I still interact with muted friends?

Yes, you can still visit their profile, send messages, and interact directly; you just won’t see their posts in your feed.

How do I unmute someone?

Go back to the “Take a Break” settings or simply refollow them by going to their profile and clicking “Follow.”


  1. Go to the person’s profile.
  2. Click on the “Friends” button.
  3. Select “Take a Break.”
  4. Customize your preferences.
  5. Confirm your choices.


Muting someone on Facebook is a great way to keep your feed enjoyable without causing any social drama. It’s a fantastic tool for managing your social media experience, especially when someone’s posts become too much to handle. Whether it’s a temporary mute using the “Snooze” option or a more permanent solution, you have control over what you see.

Remember, keeping a clean and positive feed can significantly impact your overall mood and how you feel about using social media. So don’t hesitate to take these steps if you need a break from someone’s posts. For more tips on managing your social media experience effectively, stay tuned to our upcoming articles.

Happy Facebooking, and remember: you control your feed!

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