How to Mute Facebook Reels on iPhone: A Step-by-Step Guide

Muting Facebook Reels on your iPhone is a simple process. First, open the Facebook app and find a reel. Then, tap on the reel to bring up the controls and look for the speaker icon. Tap the speaker icon to mute the sound. This quick guide will walk you through the steps so you can enjoy your scroll in peace.

How to Mute Facebook Reels on iPhone

In the following steps, we will guide you on how to mute Facebook Reels on your iPhone. This will help you scroll through your feed without any unexpected audio interruptions.

Step 1: Open the Facebook App

First, open the Facebook app on your iPhone.

Opening the app is straightforward. Just find the Facebook icon on your home screen and tap it. Once the app is open, you will be on your main feed.

Step 2: Find a Reel

Next, scroll through your feed until you find a reel.

Reels are short video clips that play automatically. They can pop up as you scroll through your feed, so keep an eye out for them.

Step 3: Tap on the Reel

Tap on the reel to bring up the playback controls.

Once you tap the reel, a series of controls will appear on the screen, including options to like, share, and comment.

Step 4: Locate the Speaker Icon

Look for the small speaker icon, usually found on the top or bottom of the reel.

This icon is your key to muting the reel’s audio. It’s usually easy to spot, but it might take a second of scanning the screen.

Step 5: Tap the Speaker Icon to Mute

Tap the speaker icon to mute the sound of the reel.

After tapping the speaker, you should see a change in the icon, indicating that the audio is off. Now you can watch the reel without any sound.

Once you’ve completed these steps, the reel will be muted, and you can continue scrolling through your feed. The sound will stay muted until you decide to unmute it by tapping the speaker icon again.

Tips for Muting Facebook Reels on iPhone

  • Check Your Volume Settings: Before muting, ensure your phone’s volume settings are adjusted if you’re only looking to lower the sound.
  • Use the Side Button: Quickly mute all sounds by using the mute switch on the side of your iPhone.
  • Update Your App: Make sure your Facebook app is up-to-date for the latest features and controls.
  • Stable Internet: Ensure you have a stable internet connection for smooth reel playback and controls.
  • Explore Settings: Dive into the app’s settings for more audio control options, which might be helpful in managing sounds.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I mute all reels permanently?

No, currently, you have to mute each reel individually as there is no universal mute option for all reels in Facebook.

Do I need the latest iOS to mute reels?

No, muting reels is a feature within the Facebook app, not dependent on the latest iOS version.

Can I mute Facebook videos too?

Yes, similar steps can be followed to mute other videos on Facebook.

How do I unmute a reel?

Simply tap the speaker icon again to unmute the sound on a reel.

Will muting a reel affect other app sounds?

No, muting a reel will only affect the sound of that particular reel. Other app sounds will remain unaffected.


  1. Open the Facebook app.
  2. Find a reel.
  3. Tap the reel.
  4. Locate the speaker icon.
  5. Tap the speaker icon to mute.


Muting Facebook Reels on your iPhone is a breeze once you know the steps. This small but crucial action can save you from the embarrassing moments of sudden loud sounds in public spaces or quiet environments. By following the steps outlined, you can quickly mute any reel and enjoy scrolling through your feed in peace.

If you found this guide helpful, consider exploring more ways to optimize your Facebook experience. Don’t hesitate to dive into the app’s settings to find additional features that can enhance your social media usage. Happy scrolling!

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