How to Get Rid of Reels on Facebook: Easy Steps to Customize Your Feed

If you’re tired of seeing Reels on your Facebook feed, you’re not alone. Many users find their constant presence a bit overwhelming. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to minimize or even remove Reels from your Facebook experience. In just a few simple steps, you can reclaim your feed and make it more enjoyable.

Step-by-Step Tutorial: How to Get Rid of Reels on Facebook

Before we dive into the steps, understand that these actions will help you reduce or completely remove Reels from your Facebook feed. This way, your feed will be more curated to your preferences.

Step 1: Log In to Your Facebook Account

To start, you need to be logged into your Facebook account.

Simply open the Facebook app or go to the Facebook website and enter your login credentials.

Step 2: Navigate to Your Feed Preferences

Next, head over to your feed preferences.

On the mobile app, tap on the three horizontal lines (menu icon) and scroll down to “Settings & Privacy.” From there, select “Settings” and then “Feed Preferences.” On the website, click the down arrow in the top right corner and select “Settings & Privacy,” then “Settings,” and finally “Feed Preferences.”

Step 3: Customize Your Feed

Here, you can start customizing what you see in your feed.

Under “Feed Preferences,” you can prioritize who to see first, unfollow people, or reconnect with people you’ve unfollowed.

Step 4: Unfollow Pages or People Posting Reels

Look specifically for pages or people who frequently post Reels and unfollow them.

This step is crucial if you want to minimize Reels. By unfollowing these sources, you’ll see fewer Reels on your feed.

Step 5: Report Reels as Irrelevant

Whenever you see a Reel, you can mark it as irrelevant.

Click on the three dots in the top right corner of the Reel and select “Hide post” or “Snooze for 30 days.” This signals to Facebook that you’re not interested in this type of content.

After completing these steps, your Facebook feed should be significantly less cluttered with Reels. You may still see occasional Reels, but they will be far less frequent.

Tips: How to Get Rid of Reels on Facebook

  • Regularly review and update your Feed Preferences to keep your feed to your liking.
  • Consider unfollowing or snoozing pages that are heavy on Reels content.
  • Use the “Hide post” feature liberally to train the algorithm.
  • Explore browser extensions that can help filter out Reels if you’re using Facebook on a computer.
  • Join or create Facebook groups that align with your interests and are less likely to post Reels.

FAQs: How to Get Rid of Reels on Facebook

Can I completely remove Reels from Facebook?

You can significantly reduce their presence, but completely removing them is unlikely due to Facebook’s platform design.

Why do I keep seeing Reels even after unfollowing pages?

The algorithm may still suggest popular content. Continue using “Hide post” and “Snooze” to refine your feed.

Is there a setting to turn off Reels entirely?

Currently, there’s no single setting to turn off Reels completely.

Do browser extensions work for removing Reels?

Some browser extensions can filter out Reels, but use them cautiously and check their legitimacy.

Will hiding Reels affect my News Feed?

Hiding Reels helps personalize your feed but won’t drastically affect other content types.


  1. Log In to Your Facebook Account
  2. Navigate to Your Feed Preferences
  3. Customize Your Feed
  4. Unfollow Pages or People Posting Reels
  5. Report Reels as Irrelevant


Getting rid of Reels on Facebook might seem like a daunting task, but it’s entirely manageable with the right approach. By following the steps outlined above, you can significantly reduce the number of Reels that appear in your feed, creating a more tailored and enjoyable experience. Remember, the key is to be consistent with these actions.

While you might not be able to eliminate Reels completely, you can certainly take control over what you see most often. Continue refining your feed preferences and use the “Hide post” feature to keep those Reels at bay. If you’re still finding it difficult, browser extensions offer another layer of control, especially when accessing Facebook on a desktop or laptop.

For further reading, consider exploring Facebook’s Help Center, which offers a plethora of resources on feed customization and content control. And remember, your Facebook experience is just that—yours. Don’t hesitate to take the steps needed to make it as enjoyable as possible. Happy scrolling!

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