How to Mute Someone on Facebook: A Step-by-Step Guide for Peace

Muting someone on Facebook is an easy way to stop seeing their posts and updates without unfriending or blocking them. To do this, visit their profile, click the ellipsis (three dots) in the top right corner, and select “Mute.” Follow the prompts to confirm your choice.

How to Mute Someone on Facebook

Muting someone on Facebook helps you maintain a peaceful social media experience without severing connections. Here is a step-by-step guide to show you exactly how to do it.

Step 1: Open the Facebook app or website

Log into your Facebook account using either the mobile app or a web browser.

After logging in, you can access your news feed, which is where you’ll find posts from friends, pages, and groups you follow.

Step 2: Go to the profile of the person you want to mute

Find the person by using the search bar, clicking on their name from your friends list, or selecting their profile from a recent post.

Visiting their profile directly ensures you have the correct person and can see all available options for adjusting your interaction with them.

Step 3: Click the ellipsis (three dots) on their profile

On their profile page, look to the top right corner and click the three dots.

This action opens a menu with several options about how you interact with that person. It’s like a toolkit for managing your social media experience.

Step 4: Select “Mute” or “Take a Break”

Choose the “Mute” option from the drop-down menu that appears after clicking the ellipsis.

Depending on Facebook’s updates, this option might also be labeled “Take a Break.” Both do essentially the same thing by limiting how much you see from the person.

Step 5: Confirm your choice

Follow any additional prompts to confirm you want to mute this person.

Confirming will apply the changes, and you’ll no longer see that person’s posts on your feed, making your experience more tailored to your liking.

After completing these steps, you’ll find that your news feed is quieter and more personalized. The person you muted won’t be notified, so your social connections remain intact without any awkwardness.

Tips for Muting Someone on Facebook

Muting someone on Facebook can be a helpful tool. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Temporary Solution: Muting is a temporary solution and can be easily reversed if you change your mind later.
  • No Notifications: The person you mute will not be notified, maintaining your social relationship seamlessly.
  • Customizing Feed: Use the mute option to keep your feed relevant and clutter-free.
  • Other Options: Consider other options like “Snooze” for a 30-day mute or “Unfollow” for more permanent filtering.
  • Privacy Settings: Regularly review your privacy settings to ensure they reflect your current preferences.

Frequently Asked Questions About Muting Someone on Facebook

What happens when I mute someone on Facebook?

When you mute someone, you stop seeing their posts and updates, but they can still see your posts unless they mute you too.

Can the person I mute see my posts?

Yes, muting someone only affects what you see from them. They can still see and interact with your posts.

How do I unmute someone?

To unmute, go to their profile, click the ellipsis, and select “Unmute” or check your settings under “Manage Activity.”

Is muting the same as unfriending?

No, muting keeps you connected as friends while hiding their posts from your feed. Unfriending removes the connection completely.

Will other people know I muted someone?

No, muting is private and only affects what you see in your feed.


  1. Log into Facebook.
  2. Go to the person’s profile.
  3. Click the ellipsis.
  4. Select “Mute.”
  5. Confirm your choice.


Muting someone on Facebook is a simple yet powerful tool to make your social media experience more enjoyable. Whether it’s because of constant updates or posts that don’t interest you, muting lets you keep the connection without the clutter.

Remember, you can always unmute them if you change your mind. Regularly reviewing and managing your social media settings can make your online interactions more meaningful and less overwhelming. So, the next time someone floods your feed, don’t hesitate to hit that mute button and take control of your Facebook experience!

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