How to Lock Facebook Profile: A Step-by-Step Guide

Ever wondered how to lock your Facebook profile so that only your friends can see your photos, stories, and posts? It’s actually quite simple and can offer you an extra layer of privacy. Here’s a quick rundown: You’ll need to go to your profile, tap on the three dots, select ‘Lock Profile’, and voila – your profile is now locked!

Step by Step Tutorial to Lock Facebook Profile

Before we dive into the steps, let’s understand what locking your Facebook profile does. Essentially, it restricts your profile’s access to only your friends. This means that people who are not your friends won’t be able to see your photos, stories, or posts. Let’s get started!

Step 1: Open your Facebook Profile

Go to your Facebook profile by tapping on your profile picture on the Facebook app or by clicking on your name from the desktop version.

Your profile is where all your personal information and content is displayed. By locking it, you ensure that only people you trust can see it.

Step 2: Tap on the three dots menu

On your profile, you’ll see three dots near the Edit Profile option. Tap on it to open more settings.

This menu gives you access to a range of profile settings and options.

Step 3: Select ‘Lock Profile’

From the available options, select ‘Lock Profile’.

This is the feature that allows you to restrict access to your profile.

Step 4: Confirm the action

Facebook will now show you an explanation of what locking your profile means. If you’re happy to proceed, tap ‘Lock Your Profile’.

By confirming, you’re giving Facebook the go-ahead to implement these privacy settings.

After completing these steps, your Facebook profile will now be locked. This means that your posts and photos will be visible only to your friends. Moreover, people you’re not friends with won’t be able to share or download your full-size profile picture and cover photo.

Tips for Locking Facebook Profile

  • Make sure you understand the implications of locking your profile. It’s a great privacy feature but remember that your existing friends will still be able to see your content.
  • Regularly review your friend list. It’s a good idea to only keep people you trust as friends on Facebook.
  • Remember that locking your profile doesn’t hide your name, profile picture, or cover photo from searches. Consider who you want to share these with.
  • Check other privacy settings on Facebook to ensure all aspects of your profile are secure.
  • If you change your mind, you can unlock your profile at any time by following similar steps.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I still use Facebook normally after locking my profile?

Yes, you can continue to use Facebook as you did before. The only difference is that your content is more secure.

Will locking my profile affect my existing posts?

No, all your existing posts will remain as they are but will now only be visible to your friends.

Can people still search for my profile after I lock it?

Yes, your profile can still be found in searches, but the content they can see will be limited.

What happens if I unlock my profile?

If you choose to unlock your profile, all your posts and photos will become visible to the public again.

Can I choose which specific posts are visible after locking my profile?

When you lock your profile, all posts are restricted to friends only. To make specific posts public, you’ll need to unlock your profile and change the privacy settings for those posts individually.


  1. Open your Facebook Profile
  2. Tap on the three dots menu
  3. Select ‘Lock Profile’
  4. Confirm the action


Locking your Facebook profile is a quick and easy process that dramatically increases your privacy online. In just a few taps, you can ensure that your personal content is only accessible to people you trust. It’s a great feature for anyone who wants to keep their personal life just that—personal. So, why not take a few moments to secure your digital footprint? It’s a small action that could make a big difference.
Remember, in this digital era, privacy is paramount. Take control of your online presence and lock your Facebook profile today.

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